NEW FEATURE - Follow the Teh Tarik Drinker...

Right now I am working on an advertorial post and in the meantime, decided to make a short updated on my blog. Seeing that there has been a few mentions by some people that I should really add in a "Followers" gadget on my blog for convenience sake. Problem is, my reluctance of doing so is only due to this two things:

1. The gadget itself would stick out like a grown man in a Peter Pan suit in a funeral.
2. I have no idea where to put it in my blog.

So, managed to work some kinks and magic on the layout of the site to create the latest feature on MoaTTD!

[Link me up Scotty!]

This way I wouldn't have to cluster the toolbar of the site and in the same time would be able to create a customized "one-click" button for you readers out there.

So go on. Click it. I know you want to.... :D

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