The Madness of Iggy

Right now its late at night and as every average, real man would do, I'm frantically packing items as much as I can for a 10 day trip. I know I should have done it earlier, I know I should have done a list of things that I am bringing and I am damn sure that I am going to leave something behind. While I"m busy packing my stuff, nothing soothes the soul more then browsing around YouTube for some music.

This is when I discovered the Madness of Iggy.

On first glance I have to admit that he does have the look of Super Mario who aged and let himself go a little bit rather than a rock star but I got myself a hard lesson of "not judging a book by its cover" because he goes around and does this...

and this

Justin Bieber gets discovered on the internet and yet Iggy here remains unknown. Travesty...

See you guys down under!

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  1. You have a gday there mate ^^

  2. dropped by dude..what is blogwalking???is it what i'm doing now???