Lost of Respect in Ramadhan

Almost a week in into Ramadhan and already many have accustomed themselves to the daily routine of fasting. However the issue that I wanted to write about is something that I discussed with several of my mates over our usual coffee session after prayers.

[Courtesy of Bhima Bramantika]

As to my understanding of the concept of Ramadhan is to focus on the self sacrifice and re-evaluating the nature of understanding and patience in our daily life and yet, I do believe that some of our actions, even to the extend that some people may have forgotten this very principle of this month.

For us Muslims (myself included), part of the requirement of Ramadhan is that we go through the month of hunger and thirst during the day, yet my question is that why would you be angry at a non-muslim who is doing either of those things in front of you? It has come to my attention that there are some out there who find joy or pride by scolding other people for either eating and drinking in front of them and personally I think this is wrong. The very nature of this action is as if the month gives us the right to judge and order others who are not obliged to fasting during Ramadhan at all.

The teaching of Islam is to make us understand that the self sacrifice we make during this month is to reflect our own doing for the past 11 months of the year, so of course there will be trial and tribulations during this time, in which we should welcome. NOT by asking people around us to make it easier for us...

A wise man once told me what makes a man is his capability of ignoring what he wants for something that is right and I believe that is the very principle of what this month will try to teach us Muslims. The more we make it uncomfortable for others, the harder it is to make people understand we exactly do we need to do this fasting activity during Ramadhan. As how Stephen Covey once said:

"Seek first to understand others, before expecting others to understand you
7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Habit #5

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Then you have the other side of the coin, where there are those who refuses to tolerate those out there who are actually trying to observe the sanctity of this month by insulting everything that he can to be famous.

(Credit to cilipedas.com for the news)

Here we have a man so blatantly challenging everything that anyone holds dear and does is for the very reason of getting the attention that he wants, in which I believe he is getting. So far, bloggers around Malaysia have voiced out their anger at the rude display of arrogance between him and his friends and quite frankly, drama queens like this guy is just out there to milk any attention he can get using obviously the wrong way.

[Mr Salleh Gregory Samsa]

Mind you, by using derogatory words against this fella is just lowering my standards to his level, so I'd say it the way I know is right. It is people like this that destroys the very foundation of understanding that all of us work so hard to build and he does it with a smile on a face in pursuit of fame. It is people like this that shows the level of humanity that we have in Malaysia is now reduced to a pulp, simply because they just don't care.

Mind you, I believe that the freedom of speech is a right, and a right which comes with dire responsibility that should not be used to hinder others of using their right. If Sdr. Salleh is reading this post, I have only one thing to say to him:

You sir, have no respect for humanity, you washed up, overweight douche.

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  1. Great post... and yup the ignorance of humans are really "disgusting"

  2. All this while i assume that Muslim friends are fasting to remember those who suffers from hunger
    but its a great thing to do , to be grateful of what we have now. Even though i am not fasting i truly respect those who did and stick to their beliefs

    i dont understand how can some ppl be so ignorant , i mean if they are not fasting then zipped their mouth
    don't get upset with low creatures like them , they will learn their lesson the hard way some day

  3. Brother vedder..this is really a great post..may Allah bless ur Ramadhan..salaam

  4. same to you mate. salam!

  5. brilliant, my wish is to have more ppl to have the mentality like yours. kudos! :D

  6. thanks mate for your time to read! :D

  7. Well written, brilliant post. Freedom of speech should never be abused, unfortunately people like Sdr Salleh seem to cry out for attention by posting rotten disrespectful messages which seems to be nothing more than his little cry for help from a world he will probably never understand.

  8. he's parents should be ashamed! if he's attitude is like that, then it wouldn't serve him any good to fast anyway!
    let him be. sooner or later he'll regret. want to do good la, puasa la... and the girl, want to cover up, wear a tudong la... I've seen it all before!

  9. I don't fast anymore. Use to join in just for the experience. But I respect those who do so. But not those who fast and complain and and gossip about ppl -_-"

  10. I actually loved puasa month! It's a month to Hari Raya and during the puasa month all the good and unique food pOps out in the street. yummy! Ops sorry if i'm tempting u guys. Anyways, I went to the Ramadhan bazaar last week in Langkawi. The foreigners and tourist didnt know that the Muslims are fasting, so they were chomping on Ayam Percik. I wasnt hungry but the food was mouthwatering. I dont know how the Muslims can tahan their desire to eat! It's fascinating. After buying some foodstuff, we actually tahan 15mins before opening the packet of food and drove 15mins away to a secluded place and eat. Nice experience!

  11. it's ok man :) there's people like him that reduce the level of humanity in Malaysia but at the same time there's people like you that help to increase it. Hence, it balances and become neutral. cheers!

  12. good sign here n nice blog...Love fasting and praying,,the muslim must do its..isnt me right?

  13. very well said and I'm glad you like the post. thanks!

  14. I wont be surprised if the parents dont even know he is doing all this in the first place.

  15. hear hear! defi agree with you! :D

  16. i guess when you've been doing this all your life, it just comes as second nature. but enjoy the Bazaars around town! :D

  17. great way to look at it! :D

  18. thank you very much!

  19. like this post.... well happy fasting bro.

  20. thank you very much!

  21. Hello TehTarik. I have added your blog into my feed reader! =)

  22. Lol. Well said. I'm no muslim but it does get on my nerves when I see muslims give me the evil eye when they see me eat cos I look like a Malay. Usually at this time, I'll be wearing my crucifix, my church camp t-shirts and eat non-halal food to send a silent message across I'm not Malay. Lol. The effort I go through.

    I've been working together with a Malay Org. for my final year project and I've learn't alot from the muslims I met there considering my project is related to Ramadhan where we handle community work projects.

    The one thing I learn is that muslims are suppose to go about their daily ways without showing telling signs that they are fasting. Am I right? So basically if you show a long face and be grumpy, it defeats the purpose.

    And second of all, Salleh, is disrespecting ass.

  23. Why am I not surprised the guy who's hating on fasting looks like that? Hahaha. Anyway, good post, bro. Have a good month and good luck with fasting and what not :)

  24. great post.

    im not a muslim but i do look malay since im a native. once i was out in petaling street with my malay friends during the fasting month and i was so thirsty and my friends didnt mind at all that i drank. than i was approached by a man scolding me about not fasting. my friends came to my defense and even pointed out that i was wearing a cross necklace but the man was scolding me the whole way and even followed me.

    another incident was wearing a tshirt to the bazaar. a man accidentaly knocked me and because his hand rubbed against my skin, there i was again being scolded that because of me his puasa terbatal. sometimes im terrified going out during the fasting month.

    Malaysia needs more people like u.

  25. Astarafirullah'halazim.

    Kami di sini terdengar cerita, dan telah melihat sendiri gambar yang membuktikan yang Salleh telah dibantai, dan dari cerita yang kami dengar, dia telah pun kembali.

    Inikah sebenarnya, dakwah yang kalian cuba sampaikan? Saya dan rakan-rakan yang segelintir besarnya pernah mengaji di salah sebuah institusi pendidikan Islam terbesar dan terkenal di dunia, sememangnya kesal dengan apa yang berlaku.

    Kami di sini, pernah menghubunginya sebaik isu ini terbangkit dan kami boleh katakan bahawa mereka yang mengatakan Salleh ini tak menjawab mesej-mesej mereka adalah tipu. Kerana kebanyakkan kami di sini, menerima balasannya. Dan sesungguhnya, dia dengan hormat sekali, menjawab segala persoalan yang kami ajukan. Dia juga ada memberikan pendapatnya sendiri.

    Kali terakhir kami mendengar berita dan khabar darinya adalah sebelum dia berangkat ke salah satu madrasah yang kami cadangkan padanya kerana kami tahu, hal ini hanya boleh dibincangkan oleh orang-orang yang waras, dan bukannya di blog seperti ini.

    Sebagai seorang saudara Muslim, saya juga percaya kepada Allah s.w.t dan saya percaya akan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w dan kitab yang diturunkanNya. Dan, sesungguhnya untuk kami di sini Salleh hanyalah seorang manusia, yang mencari akan kebenaran tentang sesuatu.

    Tetapi, kalian (terutamanya, yang pertama sekali mengambil salinan kata-katanya) adalah sebenarnya orang dan golongan yang menghina Islam.

    Hal ini tidak perlu digembar-gemburkan di mana-mana. Cukuplah sekadar kita menasihatinya secara baik. Pada awalnya, dia tak menutup blog dan akaun FB nya tetapi, bila terlalu ramai yang datang menyerang dengan ayat-ayat bodoh, dia mengambil keputusan untuk menutupnya. Dan, dia ada fowardkan kepada kami kebanyakkan mesej yang diterimanya itu.

    Jujur, kami di sini sangat kecewa dengan tindakan kebanyakkan kalian yang menggunakan nama Islam untuk menjadi seperti hero. Sedangkan, ini adalah urusan antara dia dan Allah. Bukan tugas kita untuk menjatuhkan hukuman kepadanya.

    Sebelum pemergiannya ke Madrasah, dia ada menghantar pesanan kepada saya, dan beberapa rakan yang lain dan memberitahu bahawa jika benar Islam itu, dia sendiri tak akan malu untuk mengucapkan kalimah Syahadah. Alhamdulilah kerana dia sudah pun berniat. Tetapi, apa cara yang kami gunakan? Adakah kami terus menghentamnya di blog-blog dan menuduh yang macam-macam mengenainya?

    Salleh cuma inginkan kebenaran. Dia tak mahu menganuti sesuatu yang takj difahaminya. Dan, sesungguhnya bukan dia yang menghina Islam. Dia hanyalah manusia yang sedang belajar tetapi, kalian yang kebanyakkan. Kerana kalian dengan senang sekali mengajak orang lain untuk membuat umpatan tentang dirinya, tentang ibu bapanya. Dan kalian dengan jelas sekali adalah menghina imej Islam.

    Pada pendapat saya, lebih baik kiranya kita memahami Islam itu sendiri sebelum kita mengamalkannya, bukan? Kerana bila kita mengenalinya dengan jelas, maka kita akan sedar tentang realitinya.

    Bagi saya, saya setuju dengan Salleh yang ingin belajar. Dia bukanlah penganut yang membuta-tuli mengaku dirinya Islam tetapi, di dalam masa yang sama melakukan dosa-dosa yang mungkin lebih teruk dari Salleh.

    Sedih kami mendengarkan berita tentang pemergiannya. Jika benar, maka kalian telah menyedarkan kepada ramai manusia bahawa kalian bukanlah berdakwah sebenarnya. tetapi, hanyalah melepaskan ego.

    Saya mengharapkan yang saudara Salleh sempat mengucapkan kalimah Syahadah.


  26. Wa'alaikumussalam :),

    Dari apa yg saya baca melalui komen saudara, saya akan cuba untuk menjawab kesemua isu2 yg saudara tujukan, TANPA menghina saudara atau menyoalkan pengangan dan pandangan saudara tentang Islam.

    Sdr mengatakan bahawa cara kami untuk mengemukakan pandangan kami di blog masing2 bukan cara yang wajar untuk menangani isu ini. Disebabkan Sdr Salleh sendiri yg mengemukakan pandangannya secara awam, dimana ia boleh dibaca dan dilihat oleh sesiapa sekalipun, sudah tentu respons terhadap perbuatannya akan datang dari sudut pandangan awam. Jika benar niat bagi Sdr Salleh adalah semata-mata untuk mencari kebenaran, bukankah lebih elok jika dia menanya persoalan ini kepada pihak yg berpatutan, daripada mencaci di khayalak ramai secara membabi buta?

    Saya pelik kerana setiap kali isu seperti ini keluar, akan ada pihak yg keluar secara "tiba-tiba" yang mengaku sebagai pembela bagi orang yang disoalkan, tanpa sebarang bukti kukuh atau melalui kata2nya sahaja. Jika benar apa yg sdr katakan, kenapa Sdr. Salleh sendiri tidak keluar secara umum untuk meminta maaf atas perbuatannya sendiri, seperti mana cara yg dia gunakan untuk memperagakan pandangannya sendiri? Susah bagi kami, penulis blog blog yang dihina oleh sdr sendiri, untuk terus mempercayai pengakuan saudara membuta tuli.

    Sepertimana yg saudara boleh baca, tiada sekalipun di dalam penulisan saya yg mengutuk Sdr. Salleh mengunakan kata2 kesat seperti mana yg digunakan oleh beliau. Tiada sekalipun saya menyoalkan pegangan beliau terhadap Islam, seperti mana sdr sendiri menuduh saya bersama-sama blogger lain yg mempunyai pandangan terhadap isu ini. Apa yg saya kemukan di blog post saya menyentuh isu cara Sdr Salleh sendiri yg dilihat, tidak kira dari sudut pandang seorang Muslim atau tidak, yang kasar dan kurang sopan kerana pengunaan kata-kata kesat.

    Jelas sekali pandangan saudara hanya bertumpu untuk mnegkomen tanpa membaca apa yg saya katakan di dalam post saya, mungkin pengajaran saudara di "institusi pendidikan Islam terbesar dan terkenal di dunia" terlupa untuk mengajar saudara untuk membaca dahulu sebelum mengemukakan komen saudara.

    Bagi pihak saya dan mungkin blogger2 lain yg membaca komen ini, jangan terlalu cepat untuk menyoalkan kredibiliti kami sebagai seorang blogger. Penulisan kami adalah mengunakan MEDIUM YANG SAMA seperti mana Sdr. Salleh gunakan untuk mengemukakan pandangannya sendiri. Jika dia masih lagi mahu untuk org berhenti menyoal atau memarahinya atas PERBUATANNYA SENDIRI yang dilakukan olehnya dalam keadaan waras dan faham akan akibat yang boleh berlaku, Sdr Salleh patut mengunakan cara yang sama untuk menerangkan perbuatannya sendiri, bukan melalui seorang yg lain.

    Terima kasih kerana Sdr sudi untuk meluangkan masa untuk memberi komen. :)