Malaysian Student Leader Summit 2010

Last year, I was invited to attend the Malaysian Student Leader Summit but unfortunately, I didn't think that it would strike me as an interest at that time. Of course back then, I wasn't active on blogging and would usually scoff down any thought provoking ideas that would come my way. Big mistake on my part...

As I mentioned many times, the reason of me creating this blog itself was to archive and obtain as much ideas that I can gather either from myself or even from my teh tarik sessions with anyone I can find. This event would be the mother load of ideology talks. Imagine having the big guns of think tankers from all over the country, giving input to almost everything that you can think of.

A lot of people actually ask me of my obsession with collecting ideas, which formed the very basis of this blog. The usual question that always come my way would be "Why?"

I guess at one point of time, I am tired of people assuming that bloggers, especially those of the younger generation are incapable of thinking in general, producing proper input or even have an opinion of something. I grew tired of people assuming that young bloggers would not be able to aspire anything apart from mere slapstick jokes or even thought to have no credibility at all whenever we write.

 [ List of Speakers ]

So quite personally, an event such as this that boast a line up of "heavyweight" speakers would in my opinion be a boost for anyone to attend, as I would surely make a cameo appearance for some of the guest speaker. Among those I would personally mention, there would be a great deal of Malay College Old Boys guest speaking for the event, and even our very own TIMOTHY TIAH representing our own Nuffnang for a speech of his own.

So, for those who are interested for having a part of this event, do come and I would implore those who are coming to say hi when you see me! Always great to see a friendly face around and would be good to share some ideas with you all during the event. Personally, it would be great to maybe one day have a chance to actually speak in an event such as this.

[ One can only dream...]

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  1. It's not impossible for that to happen (: It's never wrong to dream!

  2. hear hear! would love to have that opportunity some day!

  3. Hey, dropping by from innit! Love your post! Yeah, bloggers especially youth bloggers can think like adults too! You proved your point well! I'm attending MSLS 2010 too :-)