In The (Man's) World of Facial Make Up

Before I actually start writing on this, majority of the idea of me writing this post would be from the people from Innit who I had the opportunity to drop by the chat box while they were actually having a discussion there so thumbs up to you guys! The other contributors would definitely be the girls for showing me this particular video which kinda prompted me to have this discussion...

As you can see from this video, the amazing difference that make up can actually make to girls prompts so much attention as to how much can change with mere cosmetic items. Some may call it "necessary self improvement" there are however some that may call it deceiving and unnecessary. Which prompts to my question in this post.

 Interestingly enough, I made a presentation on this matter many years ago on the effects of cosmetics and plastic surgery on woman, in regards to the money spent, effort taken and time invested on trying to make beautiful. They are some that say it so unnecessary for woman to slave themselves to look beautiful, even it means that you would have to sacrifice so much in order for you to have a "fake beauty". Unfortunately, most of these sentences come from guys...

[ oh Lindsay what have you done... ]

Quite honestly I would say to these people. "A little hypocritical don't you think?". You see as a man myself, I too spend so much time and effort to make myself that much appealing to people, even though it is from a different way. I might not spend much time and money on make up but the amount that I spend for clothes, gym, facial product, deodorant and everything else under the sun makes me dare not say anything to woman spending that much on make up.

So why exactly do some men would immediately call a woman "plastic" and "fake" when they themselves would spend the same amount of money to make themselves look good? Answer could be simple, sometimes some people would not want to see it from a side that would be detrimental to themselves because it is easier.  In the end its easier to judge.

In a nutshell, watching that video above does make me wonder a little, they laugh and prod on the girls who rely on make up to make themselves look good yet they never wondered what would happen if their "security" is taken away itself? Lets face the facts here:

1. Everybody goes the distance to make themselves look good, regardless what the method is

2. Guys too spend just as much time and money to try and make themselves appealing.

3. Don't judge girls who try to make themselves look good, because admit it, you're staring her yourself... :D

In the end, we all know that so many of you out there who judges those who try would evidently do the same as well. Its not like you're trying to take a picture of yourself from a higher angle because you want more light right? :D

[ "Oooh I look so emo..." ]

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  1. i dont bother much about my appearance, as long as im clean and presentable.. =)

  2. U spelt 'Lindsey' wrong... LOLOLOLOL! But i agree... guys always say that girls put on too much make up. Please lar, they double check the girl with make up and totally ignore the girl without make up.

  3. super like this post. XD

  4. Haha there are plenty of these make-up videos shared on FB these days.

  5. ditto that~ so what if you use money to buy beauty? It doesn't make you less than anyone. Let's face it, in the end, humans are always attracted to beauty. but, i still don't quite agree on plastic surgery though - well mostly on me. Whatever anyone else choose to do with their body, is ok to me :)

  6. ShortisanothersexyJuly 31, 2010 at 11:09 PM

    interesting post =)

  7. this is partly true...both genders do, in their own way, spend just as much to make sure they look presentable to the other gender...however, there's a subtle line beyond which something is considered too extreme...i'm not gonna point out which gender crosses the line more often because I've seen both do it...
    the only reason why females appear to face the stereotypical game of name-calling like fake or plastic more often is that they only do it for the sole purpose of 'beauty' while guys can easily just pass off their efforts as trying to look smart, clean or being physically healthy...

  8. yeah agreeed too, thats why I don dare to start a make up, once u start, u will never stop. I want all my fren to recognice me as the way I am now... hmmmm.. chubbiness LOL!

  9. I dun like make-ups... :P

  10. I love make up - it's magical! Thumbs up to the power of make-up~ ^^

  11. I love makeup. to me it's to highlight natural features. that being said i'm actually quite put off (jealousy perhaps?) with fake beauty. fake hair, fake lashes, fake irises, fake nails, fake bosoms, fake derrières...for special occasions some are alright. but imagine everyday until you or ur family/friends forget how you look like originally. that is just sad. yeay for natural beauty and working with what you've got^^

  12. This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more posts like this? Plese tell me, thanks

  13. yup! be sure to tune in coz there will be more!