Be Four or Be Squared!

At this day and age, the idea of having "mobile internet" has clearly overtaken the interest of society and with that in mind, anything that raves on the mobile internet is surely worth a mention on anybody's lips. Most of the time I won't get myself too hooked on the craze of a particular app, with fear that I might oust society as a whole or even drain the living daylights of my phone batteries but I have to say, this particular app stayed on...

[ be 4 or be SQUARED! ]

The idea of the application is very simple, a user goes around town with his phone, clocking in each and every location that he stops to from the application. It then records the user's location and trail and from there, the adventure begins. Your goal is to capture locations around town to earn yourselves badges and mayoral rights of a particular location and then, make it your own boasting rights among your friends.

[ my conquest so far... ]

Sounds like an easy task but trust me, grabbing them badges is not as easy as it looks. I started out getting slightly crazy over this while looking at updates of fellow Twitters online and realized they were playing on FourSquare from their updates and thought it would be fun to jump in the band wagon. Upon starting, I realized that the craze goes far and beyond my Twitter list, everybody is actually going on this program and literally clocking in wherever they go. Even some of the celebrity bloggers (the craziest one I found out was KlubKidd who does have a maniacal collection of badges) are getting themselves hooked!

What good does this do?

Again this program serves no other function apart from the fun factor behind it. The one thing I realize that you're updated with the location of your friends immediately from FourSquare (which means no more lying to your girlfriend that you're in Dave's house watching the Discovery Channel...).

Apart from bragging rights, some of the badges and mayoral serve other functions such as discount vouchers in restaurants and stuff. 

Can you only log in from your phone?

The idea behind the program is to get people from their lazy asses to walk and explore the world while tagging, therefore they do not really have a clock in location from a computer. However I just realized that if you are in a situation when you don't actually have a phone with you (ie overseas travel) how in the world are you going to clock your location?

I found out that a user would be able to clock in from their mobile page (click HERE) and basically clock in their location from the terminal itself. Problem solved.

For those who are already using the program, do add me here

As for me, I'm still exploring the functions of the program around the town of KL. However my quest of exploring should not be limited to only in the town of KL. Which is the reason why I need to branch out elsewhere (and bring MoaTTD's update outside as well). Plans are underway and I'm doing it in a few days time. Where am I going? I'll give you a hint...

[ Wuddup? ]

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  1. Nice friends...visit mine if u free ekh ;D

  2. Hey this is actually pretty cool. I will try it out.

  3. haha can i shoot the kangaroo?

  4. I still prefer Twitter! HAHA :D

  5. waahha.. funny last pic.. of the kangaroo!

  6. Good luck in collecting the badge! It can make u go crazy to unlock every badge. Trust me, I know -___-"

    p/s: The best feeling when getting the badge, is if u're not cheating :P

  7. lol.. I agree that the position and angle is just right for that.. LOL..