Carnavale Restaurant @ Damansara Jaya


As a fan of buffet dining, I make myself known of my ability to eat. Never have I encountered an all you can eat buffet that I would turn down, so long that I can still eat the food in the place. My brothers also boast of the same ability as I do which does make all three of us a formidable sight for all you can eat restaurant owners around town.

So when we heard of this place in Damanasara that offers Brazillian Beef Buffet in its premises, we know that this place is too good for us to pass. We've all heard of western buffet, Japanese buffet and such but as to my knowledge at least, this would be the first time for me hearing about Brazillian food buffet.


The location of the shop may be slightly hidden but the best landmark for a person to locate to the shop would be the old Atria Shopping Centre behind the KDU Damansara Campus. Inside, the shop gives out a very laid back atmosphere, with a lot of focus on the colors of the Brazillian flag around the shop.

[ Feels like Brazil already! ]

How does the buffet work is slightly different than your average buffet. Instead of dishes being laid out bare for the customers to pick and choose, there will be a number of waiters running around the shop, carrying metal rods of meat with them. They will come to your table and will cut you a portion to your desire. 

[ Pick your food! Literally! ]

Before you would think that the food will not come to you fast enough, think again. The restaurants boast between 20 to 30 different styles of roast and cooking for their various meat, chicken, lamb, and even seafood so there is plenty of variety to go around. By the time you realize it, your plate will be full of food for your galore!

[ Make your pick and they will slice the juicy meat right in front of you! ]


The usual charge for the restaurant is RM50++ per head which is pretty much the normal price range for dinner buffet around KL. Of course, they also range on different other promotional prices, which will be discussed later on.


As mentioned above, this place promotes different ways of grilling and roasting beef. Therefore, expect styles of cooking meat in ways you would never even imagine yourself doing in your DIY BBQ pit at home. One good thing about the place is that the waiters are more than happy to explain to you the ways they actually cook the meat that they are serving, so be sure to ask away!

Below are a few selection of my preference, which I implore that you should try!

[ Honey Glazed Beef ]

[ Roast Garlic Bread ]

[ Roast Lamb Cutlets ]

[ Platter o' Food! ]

[ Dad having Brazillian Premier Coffee - definitely better than Nescafe ]

Don't get us wrong, my brothers and I came prepared for this place, starving ourselves the entire day before actually coming to the place, getting ourselves ready to finish the entire place of their stockpile of meat.

[ Sibling respect goes down the drain when we are hungry... ]

[ This is what happened to us in the end of the night... ]


There are a number of promotions that they have in their restaurant, in particular to cater for students as well as parties of any kind. They have segregated their promotions based on days

Mondays - Party Nite 5 adults 1 FREE
Tuesdays - Wine and Dine nite *BYO*
Wednesdays - ladies nite "15% off"
Sunday - Family Day "15% off"

As you can see, my efforts of clearing out the shop has clearly failed miserably but perhaps that all of your would stand a better chance in this shop. Trust me when I say this that the food in the place is definitely worth your while and I would really recommend people to at least try it out. If there are those out there who thinks the food there is not as great as I mentioned above, feel free to leave a comment on my page to say that I have the tastebuds of a lethargic Llama.

Carnaval Churrascaria
77, Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-77252252
Fax: 03-56385634

Pictures are again courtesy of Safriz
Nang if you like this post guys! Thanks!


  1. wow!! the food looks delicious!! Yummy!! Garlic Bread my favorite!!

  2. truly something diff from normal..
    50++ was reasonable price in kl..
    but products wise seem all to be meat..easily get full with that..
    dun seem to see any dessert..
    if got the chance, would give a try

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  21. Does they use wine in cooking?please answer me.

  22. as far as I know of they dont but for futher clarification, do give them a call and confirm it again.