An Attack on Humanity

"PETALING JAYA: The fate of 11 Malaysians on board the humanitarian ship Mavi Marmara remains unknown after Israeli commandos attacked the vessel in international waters.The ship was in a convoy of six vessels bound for Gaza to deliver aid to the 100,000 Palestinians still without shelter. At least nine people on board the ship were killed and dozens injured, provoking a diplomatic crisis.The Israeli navy stopped six ships ferrying 700 people and 10,000 tonnes of supplies and forced them into the Israeli port of Ashdod."

Startling revelations that I heard about it this morning sparked my interest to do a write up about the issue as soon as possible. An unarmed humanitarian ship, heading towards the Gaza strip was attacked by Israeli commandos, who by evidence of video feeds provided from the ship, used military force to board the ship.

[ Credits of video to CNN Online ]

By looking at an international crisis such as this, many of us would not react more other than taking interest on the actions done by Israel for a while and not bother about it as much. For the valid reasons I suppose, that before this the actions done were never to people that were involved with Malaysians in general. Today, the situation has become different as we now have Malaysians who have gone missing from the ship, either detained or perhaps worse, after the Israeli military boarded the ship.

What interest me now that since the situation has escalated to this level, what are the general public's reaction now? Is it going to be any different than their reaction to the previous Israeli - Palestinian conflict that we had in the past? For far to long that I believe within the confines of the international conflict in Israel that there has been a long list of crimes against humanity that has been committed for far too long, perhaps because that the global community turns a blind eye against actions such as this.For far too long that the actions, dubbed as "National Security" by the Zionist government has literally insulted every international treaty which have been enacted to ensure the protection of basic human rights on a global scale. Today we have seen evidence of their arrogance of ignorance of this basic right.

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I remembered what was said by the great Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed on his Criminalize War Conference in London last year, whereby he mentioned that if treacherous actions such as war is not brought into justice, perhaps one day those actions will not only be among the two parties but would then involve people from other countries around the world, maybe even our own. As eerie as it may sound, it is proven today that he is right. 

My prayers goes out to the people that have gone missing, with hopes and honest believe that they are alright. A close friend of mine, Sdr Rizal Zulkapli, who are one of the new personalities for Astro Awani is now updating the situation to the fate of the two reporters that are out of contact in the conflict and I am putting a careful eye on what he finds out.

Therefore people, I urge everyone reading this post, bloggers and readers alike to voice out their thoughts on the matter and show that we actually have a voice. Either you blog, say on your status, or even post your thoughts on this matter on the comment on this post, I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this as it would at least show an insight of Malaysian's opinion on the situation.

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  1. sighs.. what is wrong with the people over there? =/

  2. that is israel..they will do what it takes to make people of gaza live in misery...i am quite sure that the aid will not reach gaza when checking process is done in Haifa port...never...

    brutality is not something unfamiliar with israel..if IOF said they use rubber bullet in dealing with palestinian protestor, they lied..because doctors confirmed that they use life bullet which is coated with rubber which might kill people..they also eager to kill children using snipers which is pointed accurately to their heart...

    btw..thkz for comment on and hope u will come again to share something informative in my blog :)

  3. why did the israeli commandos attacked the ship without provocation? i say wait out for the reason provided by the israeli govt before making any judgments

  4. totally inhumane, things go around come around, they will get their punishments!! :-/

  5. not sure bro, and now we have our own people stuck there just because we wanted to help...

  6. Insyallah brother that god will protect them from harm

  7. I have been reading some articles that are published by Israel's international representative and according to them, they have offered the NGO group to take the aid and pass it on to the Gaza strip.

    This situation has been done for more than 5 years and until today, Palestine is still under a blockade from basic necessities to their people.

    Thank you so much brother for sharing your views. Its intellectual ideas such as yours that I welcome so much to my blog.

  8. based on the statements given by the Israeli government, it seems that the military acted out of self defense as the people on board attacked them with metal rods and pushing one person out of the boat.

    My question here is, are we really out to believe that non-combatant civilians would be able to pose that much of threat with mere metal rods and shouts that would sanction their actions, ethically and legally?

  9. they will, hopefully Israel will no longer be slapped on their wrist and called "naughty boys" for their actions now.