When A Man Sounds Like A Woman

Web surfing has come out to introduce me to several new musical videos, especially on YouTube. Fine, credits should be given to my youngest brother Shazrin for introducing me to several videos on the net.

Was told that one would never reach a high note without doing the rock stretch...

For centuries in music, it is to every male musician's obsession to hit that particular high note in their singing. Name your genre in music, be it rock, pop, RnB, each of these genre would have their own particular brand of singers that hits the high note as easy as getting up from bed. Question is, what happens when you go too far?

Adam Lambert's voice sometimes questions the very fabric of his gender...

If you look closely, you can see three veins about to pop on my head...

Point is I am not talking about attempting to reach that high note that you have never reached and in the end bursting a vein on your left eyeball. What I am referring to is that what happens if we have someone who attempts to reach that voice and in the end, actually controls it? Enter Nick Pitera!

This would be one man that has that crazy control to his voice that he can actually duet both the guy and girl version of this song. Seriously, I dare you to listen to this video WITHOUT ACTUALLY LOOKING at the video and you will think there are two people singing to this song. Simply amazing...

Of course, it would be only fair to the natural cause of justice that for every talent like this would have its evil twin equivalent. Enter Korean Boy! (excuse my ignorance to his name... its always funnier this way anyways).

Lord have mercy, he sounded like a whining hyena on a bad sore throat day, singing while scratching a plate with a metal fork. I truly believe that I have destroyed a number of girl's fantasy on Korean men....

Thank god we don't actually have to deal with a singer that sings like a girl, with the looks that make us question  his alliance to his gender.

I Stand Corrected...

Nang if you like this post guys! Thanks!


  1. lol..the korean!!.....finally someone sound worse than me :-P

  2. I love Adam Lambert's voice to the max.

  3. bwaahahahahahahhahaahha!!

    Justin bieber, trust me when shim hits 16 she gonna start growing boobs.

  4. Don't think Adam's voice sounds like a girl's... Appearance yes!

  5. haha. that korean is hilarious.

  6. Tuts my barreh.. LOL..
    (T.T) seriously....

  7. justin bieber can die and date mj LOL

  8. that nick dude is awesome! it's like, when he hit the high note, he tucked his adam apples and balls somewhere and whipped it back on when he sings the guy notes!

  9. i don't like justin Bieber,
    love Adam to the max.
    by the way,nanged ya~

  10. Lin yuchun sounds like whitney houston too. I like that Nick pitera. awesome! nanged!

  11. i like the sounds, baby.. look for my blog