A Proud Non Smoker

After a gruelling 6 months of perserverance, I finally got myself out of the system. A personal achievement of my own, I am officially out of the addiction for 6 months this coming month and I have not felt any better with myself. Call it an intution, free will, it was something that I felt I had to get done before something bad was suppose to happen to me.

I guess the first alert button that I had about this matter would be a series of chest pains and lethargicness. Plus, if you look at most of your pictures on Facebook and realize the number of pictures with you having a cigg on your hand, you know you should be worried.I started to realize that I was always short of breath, my clothes stink to high heaven and there was always a shortage of money because of the amount of cash I actually spend in England and in Malaysia. In the end, it was just not worth it...
A worrying picture indeed...

I would have to admit that there have been efforts made in the past that failed miserably in quitting smoking. Its not easy for a person who has been smoking since he was 15 to finally make the effort to stop. However this time, I've outlined some mistakes that I used in the past, which is worth sharing with y'all.

Fact! There is no such thing as slowing down. 
Its either you stop cold turkey or bust. Honestly I felt that people who claim to cut down on ciggs will be looking for a reason everyday to succumb to the habit again.

Fact! Use Mr. Wringly
Chewing Gum is your best friend when its the time for you to stop. True story.

Fiction! Stress induces a person to smoke again. 
This is nonsense as I said above, its just your brain to find excuses to succumb

Fiction! A person cannot quit alone. 
I did it on my own, among 90% of my friends who are actually smokers. Sigh...

Fiction! Stopping cold turkey would be worse for a person's health
A load of poop if I was to be brutally honest....

Quitting smoking is a reality. That I can assure all of you readers out there that it is not a myth or a goal that one will never achieve. Perhaps that it is the unfortunate ignorance of our people to the after effects of ciggarettes which makes us keep going with this dirty habit. We tend to hide the dirty truth about this habit in hope to justify their actions while in the end, you would know that deep inside its a habit that would really kill and that is a fact.

Its not a joke people, it is do-able!

As a personal opinion, I believe that the awareness of people in this country is far naive in compared to the health awareness of people in other countries. Maybe its the voices of some people like me, who honestly believe that any Ali, Ah Chan, and Arumugam would be able to stop smoking if he puts his mind into it, without any problem...

Nang if you like this post guys! Thanks!


  1. Congratulation! It's our will drives us to stop not depending on others.

  2. Congrats, not many ppl could do it:)

  3. woots glad to hear that. keep it up!

  4. It's good when you don't smoke! Yes, I admit I hate smokers. :D

  5. LOLOLOL! CHEH! u make it sounds like u quit willingly...=________=
    i still remember how we need to compromise last time coz u r NOT THAT WILLING to quit. =P

    but whatever it is,
    u've done well and yes,
    i am very very proud of u. =D

  6. When there's a will, there's way :) I'm glad that you gonna be seated at non-smoker place now in restaurant ^^

  7. proves that you have strong will power! you can do it! ^^

  8. We need more people like u. Those with strong determination..

  9. I stand corrected on my earlier statement. From the amount of comments here, there are people who are aware of the dangers of smoking after all. Thanks so much guys! :D

  10. The "no kissing coz you just finished smoking" rule is a very, very, very convincing motivator.