[Language] Makes Me Sound Stupid

We as Malaysians have always been known for being bilingual in our everyday lives. As much as we would not realise it, people outside wonder at our ability to actually speak and understand in different language, even interchangeably use different languages in a sentence. Throughout my travels around the world, many have told me that it is almost impossible to communicate the way we do.

[ Multilanguage accepted in schools ]

Yet today, we have two main problem that goes to our public. Why do we fear a different language so much? So many times that I have heard that they will never think of either writing or talking in a different language than the ones they are used to and it does get to me some times. Perhaps on this matter, I would have to seperate my idealogy to two.

For those out there who feel that talking or writing in a different language makes you sound stupid, stop thinking that way. Of course, the main focus that we have today is that Malaysians refuse to either talk or write in Bahasa Malaysia because its either "not cool to talk in Malay", "I don't get to put out what I'm really thinking in Malay" or so on.

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Fact of the matter is, I would go around and say this would include for those who refuses to talk or speak in English, with the fear that they would make a mistake while doing so. There are no excuses for a person not to try and improve themselves to master a particular language. Personally I honestly believe that no Malaysia, especially bloggers who read and write so much in their spare time, would be dumb enough to not be able to at least talk or write in a language that we are not used to.

Second catagory of people would be those who can actually write and talk well but makes themselves look dumb intentionally. It amazing how some would make themselves incoherent everytime they write and its a sad scene indeed. I know I will be getting a lot of flak from saying this out loud but I personally feel its a shame for someone to make themselves sound dumb when in reality they are not...

I'm not writing this to attack a particular person nor am I out to make enemies. What I am trying to put out is that we as Malaysians can show that we can talk and write in a coherent manner. I do realise that my writing are all in English, perhaps I should write an article in Malay in the near future to prove my point.

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  1. i think manglish or singlish is fun :-)

  2. why do we teaches science in english but the papers can be answered in two language?
    why the government is implementing a lagback policy of withdrawing the use of english in science and maths?
    who say if we study in english our master in malay langauge will be deteriorate?
    come on ppl.. look at Tun Mahathir..
    he study medicine in english, he received secondary school in english..
    wat language he speaks today?
    a fluent malay and english..
    lousy government or losuy muhyideen?

  3. i can never blog in malay.. my BM is so rusty since i left high school =P

  4. very true... i prefer talking malay with friends... English may be too formal for me so i prefer using it for work n business only... haha!

  5. agree with u.but writing in English could brush up our 2nd language but at the same time we knew that bahasa ibunda tidak di lupakan..But there is one advantage i could think of by writing blogs in English that your blogs could possibly read by whole world population :) especially if ur blog content sort of like Malaysian culture and etc..itu pandangan saya lah :)