I Need a New Camera

As well all can see, the entire "trend" of photography is raging like a wild fire these days, especially among us bloggers. What was once a ridiculously expensive hobby is now affordable to almost everyone in Malaysia. Yup,   professional photography is no longer a dream for the Average Joe.

 [ Malaysian Photographers in all shape and ages! ]

To this day, I still rely myself on my trustee "ol' skool" digital camera to survive me through the day. Don't get me wrong that I do appreciate the very nature of the pictures that I take however these days, I realize that the events that I attend as well as the things that I blog are no longer "camera friendly" with the low lights and fast movement of the events. I have to admit that I am now falling short when it comes to the quality of pictures for my posts these days...

[ My Argos camera in UK ]

[ Crappy Samsung camera ]

So, with that in mind, I implore those with the knowledge with cameras out there for advice on what should I get. I have to admit that due to my preference of el cheapo cameras in the past, I have very limited knowledge in this field, which I am man enough to admit that.

However, I am not going for a DSLR camera for any reason whatsoever, on the simple basis that:

(a) My brother Safriz deals with these cameras and I will not step into his realm of work or blog by that matter. I at least have that much respect for his work and art.

[ ohhai! ]

(b) I will NOT succumb to the entire DSLR culture because I find it insulting to creative, crafty and hardworking photographers out there. One thing I will rant about though is that today, everybody thinks they can become a photographer so long that they can afford a DSLR camera + equipment. In the end, I find it as an insult to those photographers who actually take their time to creatively edit, work on their pictures before actually posting it up to the public. Its not just about slapping on a pair of lenses and snapping people...

So, call me a vigilante with a cause, I'm out to prove that people WITHOUT DSLR cameras would be able to take nice pictures and blog as well. A few suggestions have already come in mind, particularly the Olympus Pen E PL1.

[ yum... ]

So with those out there with the knowledge or even a suggestion, do help me out. I will give a note of thanks for those the advice given, that I will assure you.

Nang if you like the post. Thanks!


  1. Yeah, it's true that you don't need a DLSR to take great and pretty pictures. It just needs some skills and creativity (: Good luck! I think olympus pen p-1 or Canon G11 are not bad!

  2. wa PEN ar.. dream camera..
    but so expensive..
    buy a semi pro like me good enuff liao..
    big camera hard to bring out though some may feel cool with it..

  3. I need a new camera too! My 400D is failing on me.

  4. Hasselblad H4D 60megapixel DSLR Camera
    Hasselblad is announcing another first, the launch of the H4D camera series.The first model in the new series is the Hasselblad H4D-60, featuring a 60 Megapixel medium format sensor.Hasselblad H4D 60megapixel DSLR Camera features True Focus with Absolute Position Lock, making auto-focus substantially easier and more accurate for photography professionals.
    “We are thrilled to be able to announce the introduction of the Hasselblad H4D,” says Christian Poulsen, CEO of Hasselblad. “This step represents the natural evolution of our H System and of our photographic strategy in general. As part of our efforts to inspire 35mm photographers to step up to the quality found in high-end DSLRs, the H4D series is built upon the successful H3D platform and features our revolutionary True Focus technology. The Hasselblad H4D also comes bundled with our new Phocus 2.0 imaging software.”

    Hasselblad H4D 60megapixel DSLR Camera

    Two models start of the line and help raise the maximum resolution of Hasselblad's line.The H4D-50 shoots at the same 50 megapixels of the H3DII-50 but won't be the most expensive camera, costing 19,995 Euros ($29,299) for a complete system.At the top is the new H4D-60, which as its name implies has an extremely high-resolution 60-megapixel sensor and a 28,995 Euro ($42,486) price.

    Hasselblad H4D 60megapixel DSLR Camera


  5. aiyo..wish to help but im stuck with my stupid sony cybershot ....bought not long ago but already raising red flags!! :-(

  6. Hey Teh tarik Drinker,
    First of all, I would like you to know this is my first time reading your blog, and I find it very interesting and engaging. The cost of Olympus Pen is equal or more than any entry level DSLR. RM3000 is a lot of money for a P&P camera!
    If you want a simple compact P&P with good quality image, why not consider Sony W370?

  7. canon powershot p90 mcm KYspeaks

  8. I'm using g11 :D Olympus pen is not bad either ^^

  9. i prefer Sony Cybershot T-album :D

  10. i will suggest Canon G11 or the Samsung NX10 (sedap kaw kaw photos!)

  11. i'm not a pro in this camera thingy
    but i can't agree more on show offs dslr wannabe
    they ruin the reputation of a genuine photographer...
    aint them?

  12. Go get one now bro! :D

    for my case, I have to earn more money to get one... :D

  13. Heh, I'm still stuck with my Sony Ericsson K850i cacat-ed camera phone. Sad case huh.

  14. nanged!Hi, dropping by here.I'm a DSLR user and an amateur photographer mommy.Yes, there are several criterias to meet before u decide to buy a DSLR.I've used almost all camera types, compact, digital compact and camera phone, and found out that they could not fulfill my requirements as DSLR did.I use my DSLR mostly to capture my baby milestones.And it is worth it!

    It's true that it would be an insult to pro photographers if we think as long as we afford the DSLR, then we are becoming a pro! I'm an avid DSLR amateur starting on 2008, and it is still a long way to become a pro!maybe in 10 years?huhuhu..there's lots to explore!

    btw, is that camera of yours is a hybrid?it looks like one.

  15. someone did mention about the Canon G series. awesome will put that into thought!

  16. exactly, no need a big camera to take nice pics

  17. hear hear!

  18. checking out the link that you gave me. Thanks so much for the info!

  19. haha i know how you feel. but your sony cybershot still works wonders in comparison to mine... :(

  20. Alright, putting that into consideration as well. thanks bro!

  21. beasr sangat la bro. nak bawak kesana-sini susah...

  22. ah a canon G series user!

  23. coolies will take that into consideration!

  24. i know! looking at the website now!

  25. exactly. it doesn't give credit to real photographers out there, when people will stereotype them as posers because others would want to look cool with a dslr camera

  26. hahah i oso have to earn for it man...

  27. haha i hear you jr. pain isn't it...

  28. those who I mentioned in the above post does not give justice to people like you, who actually learn how to use the camera properly rather than claiming that they already are a pro photographer so kudos on your effort! plus reading that you actually use your camera to capture your child's milestones really touched my heart. call me a softie for kids if you must... :D

    the camera that i am using is a samsung n12 which really is not my recommendation to anyone as the flash is way to strong for the camera, making you look like an overexposed clown every pic. :D

  29. Hey Teh Tarik Drinker,
    Greetings from Better Days again!
    Someone did mentioned about Hasselblad camera. I wrote a post about it in my blog. It's the most expensive camera ever made. During the Apollo space mission where Buzz Aldrin took a shot of Neil Armstrong on the moon. Check out the post at
    as well as
    I am a DSLR user, and I carry it wherever I go. It's like an extension of me like what handphones are to many. It started off when I bought it purely to photograph before and after cosmetic photos for medicolegal as well as documentation purposes.
    Soon, I begin to take it out for leisure photography. Immediately, I got bitten by the shutter bug. My two cents.
    The type or brand of camera does not dictates your a skill as a photographer.Its not just because your photos fulfills all the rules and criteria on what a good photo should be makes it a timeless piece. Heck you may even use a camera phone and capture a timeless piece of photo. I feel what really makes an excellent photos are those that makes you stop and "feel" the captured moment. The story behind a piece of frozen act caught on a piece of paper, an image that churns out emotional wildfire, images that you can relate to, images that makes you think and relate to. Now, that's a good photo.
    Images of Vietnam war where a naked girl running away from American napalm bombs, the infamous photo of a general executing a VC at point blank, the photo of the "tank man" during Tienanmen Square incidence, photo of Saint Theresa cradling a child. Those are timeless moments.
    I am using an Alpha 200, an entry level DSLR, no doubt being one of the cheapest DSLR, but the photos of my children I've captured are timeless pieces to me.
    P&P camera today can produce images similar to DSLR. It doesn't matter matter what camera or brand that a person uses, the most important factor would be the photographer himself. A good photographer will somehow capture fantastic images irrespective of type of camera, but given a Nikon D3X, or Canon 1 Mark IV to an amature would still produce mediocre photos. Agree??