Chill Out @ Subang Jaya

Decided to go to this new place we've always seen but never really got the chance to actually check it out. Seeing that it is Cheryl's birthday, we finally have a chance to actually go to Chill Out Subang Jaya, which is situated in Subang Parade. For those who lives or is always around Subang, you would realize the place behind Subang Parade on the TGIF side of the building. You wont miss it!

[ Just find the sign on the building ]


The entire establishment itself is divided into two areas. The outdoor area, which would be the smoking section of the the restaurant boast a very "bbq poolside grill" feeling to the place in which you can actually see the cooks working on the meals by the side of the section. Complete with a poolside-like bar for those drinkers out there as well as a round the room TV screens for the viewing pleasure of the customers.

[ oh HAI! ]

The non-smoking section of the restaurant is a air conditioned room which can sit around 30 people at one time. A very comfortable place to dine, the room also buffers out the noises from the outside and acts as a wine storage area for the restaurant. Pretty nifty...

[ Wine galore! ]


Despite looking at the somewhat posh establishment, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the meals are really affordable for the type of food that they serve. One would be looking at the price range between RM15 to RM40 per meal which is quite reasonable for western dining. As far as I know from the look of the menu, the most expensive dish in there would be their steaks which would cost around RM30 and most of the food ranges around RM15 to RM20.

[ "Thats the price?" he says... ]

The place also offers set lunches during the day, which makes the place all the more worth your time.


Most of the food that they have here are generally western food but they do have their own variety of Asian food as well. We've decided to order as random as possible for the purpose of this blog.

[ Bagel Burger! ]

First up would be mine which would be the Bagel Beef Burger. A very curious little dish, where instead of a normal bread they decided to go with a bagel bun (a bun that has a hole in the middle... think donut minus sugar) for the burger itself. As a fan of burgers in town, cuisine as well as burger tepi jalan, I wouldn't really say that its the best that I have tried unfortunately...

[ Anyone feeling tandoori?]

The tandoori chicken is quite a nice dish to try. Ranging from different cut sizes for the chicken, it comes with its very own Naan bread, which would have to be ordered separately! Worth the try to be frank!

[ Gooey Pasta! ]

Next up we have the Linguine Carbonara pasta which I would have to admit would be the best dish among all of us, hands down. Coming from myself, who I have to admit is a tad bit picky with my Italian food, I honestly recommend this dish to anyone that comes around this place. 

[ Quack Quack pasta! ]

Finally, we have the ever peculiar Duck Pasta which I would have to say would be the first time I would ever hear a combination of pasta like this. Turns out that the dish was pretty good, with Debs ranking the dish an "8 out of 10". It also has a bit of spicy kick to it so be warned for those who can't take the heat.


Due to the fact that the place itself is not only a restaurant but a hang out bar as well, most of their promotions would be for their drinks. It was a lucky day for the girls to be honest because one of their promotion would be FREE COCKTAILS FOR THE LADIES STARTING FROM 9pm ON WEDNESDAYS! In this manner, the ladies really went nuts!

[ Mr Barman in action! ]

[ Girls thought it would be cool to get the drinks themselves ]

[ Epic Success!!! ]

Apart from that, the place also offers a 50 CENT PER BOTTLE on Friday nights which is really the biggest promotion they got in town to be honest. The first bottle would be RM25 ++ while consecutive bottles is 50 cents per pop.

[ Seriously, 50 cents... ]

So while the girls had their fun gallivanting their way to the bar, what me and Jon do? We had our frills watching Malaysia v. Denmark for the Thomas Cup competition.

[ Come on Malaysia! ]

[ I was on handbag watch duty... haih ]

Chill Out Bar and Grill
Lot G31, Ground Floor,
Subang Parade Shopping Centre
No. 5 Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya

Tel: (03) 56355508

Nang if you like the post! Thanks guys!


  1. How thus thou fair the Linguine Carbonara at Chill Out with Carbonara's from Little Italian Kitchen (formerly in Shah Alam, now known as D'Italiane Kitchen at Jaya 33) and Carbonara from the Italianese ?

  2. this beats them all I'll be honest

  3. wow the bear is so cheap! but to bad i'm not into beer^^ well mayb one, or 2 ;p
    so sweet of u to be on handbag duty^^ the blue really brings out the colour of ur eyes rofl >_<"

  4. wow. nampak mcm best jer. some the price suprise me for a decent restaurant. happy birthday cheryl

  5. Wow... this must be a nice place to hang out with friends. Will visit there one day! :D

  6. wooo the carbonara is attracting me :D too bad im in Brunei :( LOL @ the handbag watch man

  7. how was it? :D

  8. i know right? its ridonk how they actually put their prices like that. and yes, everyone seem to like the idea of me with a handbag...

  9. will relay the message brother

  10. should really do!

  11. perhaps during your trip to kl?

  12. I am a former chef and have done alot of Indian cuisine and eaten my share, Garlic/Chili Chicken is not a Northern Indian dish, spicy foods are more to the south or Goa, Northern dishes have more nuts and milk products, most place that make chili-garlic chicken it is a tomato based one with green peppers, tomato's, onions a lot of fresh garlic, dried and fresh chili's, it is a lot like a Chinese stir fry in many ways.

  13. Trying to ring you guys but having no luck getting through