World Pillow Fight Day 2010

We all are glad that we would never have to see a day witnessing a war. War would always be hell regardless of the reason. But on this day, war was inevitable!

World Pillow Fight Day!

Organised by Random Alphabets, who are a group of people who organizes event such as this to promote getting people together and do projects and activities. World Pillow Fight Day would be best summed as an epic battle between forces for fluff dominance and to satisfy the hunger to beat the living daylights of a person with a stuff animal.

Initially, I didn't actually know anything about the event, but after getting invited by Sdr, Terrence for the event, I found it is only possible to believe such event exist by participating on it!

And so, after much struggle with the name of our team (suggestion of Grand Pumbaa Terrence feat. Teh Tarik Gang was quashed), I suppose I'll opt to the default team name that I have been using all the while.


So, our battle team consisted of a group of heavily fired up pillow fighters that would take on anything with a soft weapon and a heart of steel. We have the mighty Cheryl to provide the female representative to our "seemingly-way-too-friendly guy group". 

The guys of the team consisted of myself, Sdr. Vincent and Sdr. Terrence to provide the brute cotton strength for the team. Apart from that, we have also decided that Sdr. Terrence would provide us as the first line of attack called Operation Human Shield (his approval of this was not necessary).

very angry, very fluffy...

So, the battlefield has been set. Located at the top of the roof of One Utama, where the futsal courts are held, the turnout for the event was really good. Despite several delays on the start of the battle, a lot of people turned out, with various types of pillows as well as costumes for the event.

nice touch to the battle gate

All of us were divided into four main groups, consisting of the Orange Team, Blue Team, Green Team and Yellow team. Each of us were set to each corner of the field and waited for our command. Fortunately for us, we were all put into the same team which is Team Orange!

Team Orange rally cry!

Green Team anxious for battle!

Organizer determining the rules of combat

Thus, we waited anxiously for the battle horn to be blown, eying our opponents to intimidate. Seconds later, what was before a pristine environment became...


Every person on the field began whacking anything that even barely moved, including our team. Amidst the frenzy, Cheryl became the first injury to the team, due to Sdr. Terrence deciding that the initial strategy was not working too well for him. This prompted me to get into the fight, and fight we did. 

not one was spared..

The battle took around 45 minutes, with several sessions of factions, traitor and even a free-for-all battle that got the very best of us. To one point, we were so engrossed with the battle, we got into the fight among ourselves!

It got the best of us...

Justifiable punishment for abandoning Operation Human Shield

In the end, we came around with a good clean fun of pillow bashing our fellow colleagues. Kudos to the organizing group for coming up with such event. Nothing beats the stress away then engaging in an epic battle of fluff and cuddly weapons! Till next year peeps!

The Destruction of War

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  1. Damn fun & funny! wish I was there.. xD

  2. Wow...such a huge and fun event..

  3. Oh so I was a human shield and u guys never bothered to tell me!!! Wat lah wei hehehe

    Brutal but fun..but what does SDR Terence stand for?

  4. wahhhh..... gud sharing~ keep in touch ok -->

  5. @dewi haha it was a fun day thats for sure!

    @alvin ade gaya ke?

    @jfook indeed it is bro. it was a massacre

    @jlean thanks bro!

    @cereal and you only survived half of it...

    @fiona thanks!! :D

    @terence if we were to tell you, you would not cooperate. its the only way. sdr = saudara

    @eddy cheers bro!