What We May Not Know About Semen

Was browsing through the net today (as Suwen is on family duty this weekend so I am going to be bored to tears apart from studying) and believe it or not, this was the first thing that came to my screen. I must share this with you people.

Click me for bigger view!
Learning is fun!

And we men thought we know everything that we need to know about our bodies.... sheesh...

P/S: you can never be a bigger nerd if your friends refer to you as the walking "Wikipedia". True story.

Nang if you like the post guys! Thanks!


  1. read that before..anyway, thanks for sharing XD

  2. see that before.. haha.. always interesting =)

  3. @krazy: i like your comment..haha use it wisely..

  4. First time seeing this. But it was fun. and useful. now i know what to eat so I'm able to describe my flavor for the night.

    like a waiter recommending the suitable wine to pair with the main course.

    "My lady, the flavor for tonight's intercourse is bitter sweet, with a hint of cocoa... Shall we begin?"


  5. "The human male ejaculates an average distance of 7to 10 inches... the world record for the farthest splooge is 18 feet"

    I will never look at men the same.

  6. where the hell do u keep finding stuff like this???