Things You Should Never Tweet

I know there has been an absence of me blogging for the whole weekend and quite honestly, I blame the hectic schedule that I am in. Seems to me that the entire time I've been running around doing errands. Good to have a nice rest and blog for a while.

We now enter the age of Twitter, a simpler social network in comparison. Truthfully, even I created an account for the sole purpose of this site and I've never looked back since then. Problem is, after conferring with some people that the idea of Twitting is now killing the idea of blogging because lets face it, its so much faster and so much easier.

This is the scenario, that people today are Twitting by the second yet no one actually mentions the do's and don't of Twitting.I stumbled on this great guideline of the things that you should never Twit about, thanks to The Oatmeal!

Really? food Twits guys?

Fine I admit, I actually do this

I started laughing like a madman when I read this...

Follow thy rules and you shall be alright... 

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  1. HAHAHAHA. That was a good one! I abandoned Twitter for like, wait. 4 months!

  2. shit, i tweet abt food I had sometimes! lol

  3. Ahahahaha.. Freakin' hilarious..
    Luved the Puking wan.. :P

  4. Nice one. Especially no.4 Hahaha

  5. "glorified tamagotchi"

    hahahahaha nice one man!

  6. wah! Like that don't tweet btr xD

  7. haha~ the pictures are very funny... nice post^^

  8. LOL. i like what the bird said at #7

  9. i'm wondering why you didn't look back after you started Twitter then since tweeting is not much of use to you already :)

  10. I set up a Twitter account and I abandoned it in no time just like that. I don't know why. Probably because I'm a student who doesn't stare at a Blackberry every 10 seconds to tweet.

  11. Dude, then what else are we suppose to tweet about?!
    Justin Beiber jokes? I think s(he) has got enough popularity already!

  12. heh, how about ignore all the above and just unfollow ppl whose tweets u don't like? :)

  13. nanged. thanks for sharing :) but i alway always do #7. haha

  14. haha.. hey how bout u write something like what we should tweet about?

  15. YET to reach tat level but im guessing SOON! LOL

  16. @jfook now worries mate! :D

    @gabriel how come? unfortunately I'm still hooked to the system...

    @wendee :D gotcha!

    @kenwooi cheers mate!

    @dewi mine would always be number 9! :D

    @lindy :D

    @xiaopei oh god you wouldn't believe how many would actually do that on twitter!

    @araleling I know! :D

    @jas haha cheers mate!

    @catherine thanks! :D


  17. @fiona don't la like that! still want to see tweets from ya! :D

    @LVC thank you! :D

    @bloggerina thanks so much!

    @ramlah ram because one day, the battle of galactica will relate to our lives. mebbe then, we will consider the polar bears... :D

    @yatz mostly for promoting the blog to be honest, hence the name.

    @sapphire true. which is the reason why i relate to my online time at home in front of my good ol pc

    @matjoe thanks bro! :D

    @debbeh there will never be enough justina bieber jokes...

    @kimberly what happens when you know the person and the person knows you unfollow him? :D

    @nn haha thanks! :D

  18. @wooi kit thanks! :D

    @flying pixel glad you liked it! :D

    @cayenne i was talking to suwen about it and i told her that could be an awesome idea...

    @ohmywtf we'll wait and see... :D

  19. the support I've been getting for this post has been fantastic! Thank you so much peeps! :D

  20. nice one...nanged it!