Project Alpha Season 2 Launch Party

This is a treat. In conjunction with Project Alpha Season 2 Launch Party, a selected few bloggers are invited to attend the opening ceremony, meet the bloggers themselves and treated with a premier movie in the end of the night. Pure bliss...

Season 2 is here!

As per usual, I came to the event with my usual group of girls as myself, Suwen and Cheryl were invited for the event and we were all allowed to bring a +1 each. This event would also welcome a new comer to the group, Lauren, as part of our blog movement. The hunt for an additional guy member is still ongoing people...

We started our night there pretty early as we were trying to avoid the traffic to go to The Curve, in which the event itself was held at the Cathay Cineleisure lobby area. Turns out that most people attending the event had the same idea so lucky for us, we managed to take our time to make our way to the lobby area.

Once we were there, the crowd was buzzing with excitement and sure enough, almost all of the "who's-who" of the ASEAN blogging world was there. I began my mission of getting as many pictures of the bloggers as possible, especially those of the Project Alpha Featured Bloggers for Season 2.

Known within the Malaysian entertainment business as one of the most flamboyant TV host of all time, Azwan Ali still has his strut. Merry and cheerful as he always have been, he is sure to include some of his antics within the interviews made on him.

 The "Food GPS King" himself, Mr. KY made his appearance for the event. Conveniently that Suwen managed to make him blush by telling him that we've been chasing him around to take a picture with him. He'd better get used to the attention.

If I was to make a simile to my focal point of blogging, I would refer to this guy. Niki Cheong blogs about anything that strikes his interest which therefore would depend on his blogging versatility that made him this famous. In a nutshell, if there are nonsense that people would want to read, its bound to be in his blog. Perhaps there is still hope for me...

 I dare say a renowned "Celebrity Photoblogger" today, the ever towering Mr. Shaolin Tiger is a known attendee for most of Nuffnang's events, even though 99% of the time would be with him lugging his camera around. A self proclaimed geek, personally I would say to him from one geek to another, you're a legend among men.

Finally, the yoga queen herself, Ms Ninie Ahmad also made an appearance for the event itself. I must apologize, if she ever reads this post, to her for disturbing her eating to take this picture. She's a tough cookie to catch as she had to run around to meet and greet her fans. Life of a celebrity blogger I would say.

As for the rest of the crew, Cheesie didn't manage to make her way for the event for being outstation and I couldn't find Joe Lee for the event, with the growing number of people entering the area. Apart from the featured bloggers, other celebloggers were also there to make the event even more interesting. Of course, I managed to "ninja" my way through for a photo op!

The ever stunning host for Project Alpha, Jojo Struys!

 Wow, she really is four-feet-nine!

Perhaps one of the most anticipated guest for the night would be the Singaporean blog queen herself, Xiaxue! For those of you who don't really know who she is, bloggers around this region (perhaps even outside!) would consider her as the heavyweight of  celebrity blogging. boasting almost 10, 000 readers a day, her title in blogging world is definitely uncontested in anyway. The girls were ecstatic to see her in person and manged to get a photo of her as well.

It was a struggle to get a picture taken with her. Her husband, Mike also made the trip over to KL and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to take a picture of him as well. Surprisingly, he was surprised I wanted to take a photo of him. Go figure.

I would personally say the entire night was a huge fun! Rimmel Malaysia was one of the sponsors for the night and for that, Suwen managed to get herself a makeover on the spot. While waiting, the rest of the girls and myself had our own fun of "camwhoring" around the area.

The perfect shot that Barney Stintson would be proud

Professional Makeover!

To top the night off, we were treated by Nuff staff for a premier movie showing for Kick-Ass at the location itself. For those of you who haven't heard about the movie yet, imagine geeky superheroes with extra brutal and gore for the action and fight scene. A definite must for all your Quentin-Tarantino type movie buffs! Plus they also have McLovin from Superbad in the movie, which is always a plus on my side!

make costume.kickass.

It does inspire you sometimes to actually attend events such as this. Hey, you'd never know perhaps events like this would be a start for stardom for some readers out there in the future. A big thanks to the organizers for the invite. Honestly had a blast!

Season 3 maybe?

Nang if you like this post guys! Thanks!


  1. happening!~

    Btw, congratulations..sure melaram dengan Blackberry ya pasni...hehe

  2. ..........T______T I am regretting this.....sobs

  3. I miss kl *sniff sniff*

    I would love to take a pic with mike anytime, he's so cute^^and loved the way you described xiaxue ^^ *TING TING*

    Best of luck in getting a guy blogger on board^^ meanwhile enjoy it^^

  4. @fiona it was a fun day thats for sure!

    @kancilbiru haha takdela, saje nak join tengok movie malam tu. blackberry tu menang nasib je haha!

    @cassie aiyo how come?

    @supia thanks!

  5. i miss kl *sniff sniff*

    great job hunting down the femes bloggers^^ and loved how you described xiaxue *TING TING!*
    I would love to take pics with mike anyday^^ he's such a cutie^^

    best of luck with finding a guy^^ blogger i mean. meanwhile enjoy it^^

  6. i was there too last was so fun n great event..why i didn't found u last nite?if not, can get more tips from u...great picture u jealous..

    P/s :Congratz of winning Blackberry Storm too..U got a lot of potential..keep it up...

  7. Nice meeting you yesterday. Thanks for coming up to say hi.

    Now I'm a bit worried. Have to start blogging nonsense? =D

    Oh, and Wendy gets over 40k visitors a day btw. Which is totally madness.

  8. @eyriqazz really? would love for you to come around and say hi! :D perhaps the gatsby event mebbe? :D

    and thanks! was really lucky to win it though...

    @niki pleasure's all mine mate, was a blast meeting the project alpha bloggers yesterday. haha no la, as i said if i was to simile myself to a style of blogging, i'll relate myself to yours!

    duly noted on wendy's visitor count. its ridonk i know, which makes puny bloggers like me to absolute shame! :D

  9. wow, you took pic with xiaxue! the lauching so happening wei!

  10. @wendee yeah the night was a blast and the movie was quite literally "Kick Ass"! :D

    @john where are you from mate?

  11. XX is pretty in real life right??

  12. m back 2 comment again! show off :P I jealous xD

  13. @i was there at PA laucnh. but need to get back home b4 the movie start. niway congrat menang storm. mmg worth the effort!!