Old Boys Weekend 2010 @ MCKK

The time has come. Batch 9600 is home for our long awaited 10 year reunion.

My long absence from blogging is due to this particular event, where my classmate from high school gather in numbers especially for this specific year to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. As for those who don't already know, I am a Malay College Kuala Kangsar alumni and as for all alumni, a 10 year anniversary would be the first major event that one would experience. This would be ours.

Beforehand, I would like to give credit of acknowledgement to my fellow brothers, Sdr. Imran Ghazali, Sdr. Faqroul Hafeez as well as Sdr. Iqhbal Naaem for allowing me to use their amazing photos for the event. Cheers fellas.

Overfloor at its Majestic best!

I've decided to relive our previous tradition of travelling to Kuala Kangsar, consisting of Sdr. Reza (Zaaba) and Sdr. Megat as how we used to travel in the past when we were in school. However due to unforeseen circumstances, we could only travel on the second day of the celebration and therefore base my reports of the first day from stories of other batch members.

 Three Amigos back on the road, one more time

Friday was the very first day for our celebration and already the number of batch members started to pile up by the minute. Usually for our Old Boys Weekend, we would organize sport events where we the Old Boys will come up a team to compete with the Present Boys to determine how badly affected are our stamina and receive reality check that we are getting old and are not as fast as what we remembered ourselves to be...

Our very first event was the 9600 All-Star Rugby team vs. MCKK U-16 All Blacks. Take a few good men in their late 20s, trying desperately to get themselves fit to compete on the field. Add in a highly trained, albeit slightly smaller in size teenage rugby team and you have yourself comedy rugby!

Some never survived the warm up session...

Take ball. Run to the touch line. Don't injure self.

Sometimes a little team mate comfort heals the pain...

Later on the night, we had our very own event of celebrating the MCKK teachers that have helped us during our time in school. Its our way of saying thanks for all the dedication and help we've received from them over the years, as well as the massive heart attacks that we might have caused for our natural delinquencies back then. We're sorry and we thank you!

As we made our way, it rained like there was no tomorrow yet we braved our souls at 5 am to make our way there. As per the agreement, Zaaba was not allowed to touch the radio because of his track record of choosing tracks that favors a more feminine side. However, a technical glitch caused my FM Modulator to malfunction and therefore enjoy the musical styling of Lady Gaga and Vanessa Charlton along the way. 2 hours later, we arrived at our journey and got myself ready immediately for my basketball game.

We did not do what Megat's shirt suggested

This is what happens when you try to go against a team that is faster, younger and better than you

Although we did not fare that well for our basketball game, it truly is a proud moment to see the basketball team developed to a team that is worthy of becoming the national champion. Fortunately for us, for all the games that were played during the day, we fared better against the young ones.

Zaaba in action for water polo!

Old Boys Football Team!

As the day progressed, the number of our batch mates began to grow and soon after, the number of alumnus from our batch outnumbered any other batches that attended the Old Boys weekend, which truly is a proud moment for all of us. I decided to blaze around and revisit some of the sights that brings back a lot of memories for myself and the rest. Megat managed to tag along as well as we set forth for some picture taking moments.

I used to fit in that bed when I was 13

Tricosor @ 3 Sejahtera! 

Something really fishy about this mural

One of the oldest tradition in MCKK would be a visit to the ever faithful Yut Loy restaurant. A simple Chinese coffee shop that was built somewhere in the 50's, this shop has continued to serve old boys and present boys alike for more than 50 years. We never understood why but all of agree, despite the generation gap, that they serve the best pao you would ever taste in your life. True story.

Waiting for my teh tarik @ Yut Loy

All that pao, gone in 10 minutes.

As we progressed to the night, we had our very own concert to entertain ourselves as well as the school. We have one band from our batch that was performing that night and performed they did. Music collaboration from the past as well as a few memorable numbers that managed to sneak into the arrangement. A true rock star performance.



The next day signaled out last day of the event and as we took our batch picture and witness our Old Boys giving the U-18 MCKK All Blacks a trashing, we said our goodbyes. Perhaps its one of those times that we remembered the brotherhood among ourselves that made us what we are today. To most, a reunion like this is just another reunion among classmates. To us, its a reminder of the lifelong bond that we all share as Malay Collegians. It is true what we they say:

We came hoping to leave, we left crying to stay

Picture courtesy of Sdr. Faqroul

Nang if you like the post guys. Thanks!


  1. Nicely written vedder. Nasib baik the basketball score yg kau amik tu was before it ended. (because the final score was more). haha! anyway, good seeing you again man. hopefully our next batch gath it would be another good turn out ;)


  2. Awesome entry bro! it should be longer, imho. fuck la.. tak sempat nak main tricosore la..

  3. its fun doing activities with friends :-D

  4. Oh wow. Its an amazing entry! Your alumni school looks like a great place to grow up in if I was a guy.

  5. okok getaway plak..moh kite moh moh

  6. I look like a beached dugong la in that photo. Not flattering at all. But hey, things look 100% bigger in the water right? Hahahahaha (nasib baik aku takde gambar OUT OF WATER!)!

    Also, the photo of the 3 of us, I look the smallest. Awesome. (Cover perut punya pasal kekekekeke)

  7. Oh? I saw tits in that mural! Where the hell did you snap that?

  8. dang, i wont be around for the getaway. i'll be in hong kong for 3 weeks, bummer.

    i noticed one thing about me though, if i'm having fun the pictures i take tend to be a whole lot better (perzen sket ah kan, haha)

  9. @air tu yg aku cepat2 ambik gambar, before it became any worse than already is

    @riq aku ngan megat pun ninja masuk 3S, tendang a few kicks kat stadium raja bersiong

    @erwinator it always is mate, no matter how long it has been

    @jan thanks! great memories i've had in that place..

    @al bukan gateway yeh?

    @zaaba i thought we agreed on baby killer whale looking for food? and yes, good job on the tuck in perut situation

    @jlean cheers mate

    @beautifulmind haha that was actually taken in the foyer of the school. was wondering how long would it take for someone to notice it...

    @faqroul hahah isnt it the same for all of us? :D

  10. You can call me Boris, Boris the Killer Whale. I eat seals for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Usually in pao form from Yut Loy.


  11. boris boris boris..hehehe..chill zaaba..thats the product of ur wife!

    @tehtarikmemoirs: ko main kasar ekk..how about u sponsor for getaway bbq dinner?