My Favourite Sport

I was told my friends, that I can play almost every sport in the world, so long that it doesn't involve ice. Believe me, I am dead serious about it....

Ask most men (I dare not say all men) and they can never disassociate ourselves from sport. Call it what you want but thats how  we work. Theory has it that its one of the ways that we men use as a stress output, rather than killing each other on a daily basis.

Obviously I am included in one of these crazed fanatic for sports. Particularly two:

Hi, I'm a United-holic

I am a die-hard fan of football. I know the stereotype of men that we make ourselves seen that our other mistress is football. Particularly, I cannot deny this. I've been a Manchester United fan for 14 years already and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. So much love that I have to this game, I find it a travesty if there is something that I don't already know about the game. I find this obsession ridiculous when I compete yearly among my friends on Fantasy Football Manager to get bragging rights on who has the best knowledge of the game. 

 Hoop on!

Although I watch a lot of football, I play more basketball than any other sports that I know. I had my first feel of a basketball when I was 15 and there was no turning back since then. Injuries, disappointment and most importantly, the fact that the people that I play with nowadays are faster, better and most importantly younger than I am. Sigh...

Perhaps its time that I indulge myself in a slower paced sport, while I'm still ahead...

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  1. LOL. Too bad ATC don't cater any activities relating to balls. SAD!

  2. Football is the best sport on earth.

  3. @vince haha yeah la bro. but they did have the sports carnival the other day

    @matjoe hear hear brother!