The Day I Won a Blackberry Storm 2

Lets be frank here, I have horrid luck when it comes to these types of competition. The girls can validate this statement for me, quite honestly I have the luck of an Irish leprechaun who arrived on the different end of the rainbow. However, perhaps that all those miserable luck turn for the best of me when it came to this particular competition.

the alleged post

Exactly two months ago (what are the odds?), Nuffnang decided that it would be fun to collaborate with Celcom to promote the launch of the new Blackberry Storm 2 by giving away two brand spanking new set of Blackberry Storm 2 to the two best blog writers for the event. This in turn sparked a frenzy of entrants for the competition, where every Nuffnang member went completely bananas over the phone, myself included. After months of waiting, would you believe that they emailed me and told me I won...

Ding Dong?

Surreal as it may sound, here I am today heading over to the Nuffnang office to collect the phone. My ever faithful Teh Tarik Gang, Suwen and Cheryl decided to accompany me along for the trip and upon our arrival, we were greeted by some of the most casual working space you would ever find. Everyone looked relaxed while doing work, there were ample chips and snacks to go around, heck I even got introduced to the company's toilet! (I needed to go real bad...)

Before we picked up the phone, we were all asked if we could leave a note on the Nuffnang Footprint! For those of you who don't already know what in the world is this, its a wall collage located in the Nuff office that literally presents prints left behind by other bloggers. Mostly done by mail, we were given the honor of doing that in person. Go figure!

Ignore the food, we were actually taking these seriously...

Looking for that sweet spot for our message to the staff

click on the pics to see what we left for them!

Our personal mark on Nuff!

And so, we bid the uber-friendly staff members adieu and left with a brand new Blackberry Storm 2, continuing to grin like a over-friendly idiot while walking out of the office. Who wouldn't right? We even managed to sneak attack a picture right in front of the door when we left the office.

Thank god they didn't open the door out of curiosity...

Honestly it has been a privilege to have my measly post chosen among all the participants for the contest. Thank you so much to the people at Nuffnang as well as Celcom for the opportunity to show my post to the public as well as my participation to the contest itself. And most of all to all the support from the readers who posted their comments and support on my post. Believe me when I say this that it is humbling to have such support.

Special congratulations too to Sdr. Henry aka CleverMunkey for winning the other set on the line. I'll end here before I start looking and sounding like Halle Berry winning the Oscars.

Our latest addition to our Blackberry family!

Nang my post if you like it guys! Thanks!


  1. so cool.. i suck at winning contests.. haha.. coz i mainly blog for the entertainment for the readers, not according to the advertiser's wants and needs =P

  2. Haha, mcm hally blackberry menang oscar laa bro.

    u deserve it man. personally clever monkey post is good but yours is better

  3. i consider u r very lucky to win the prize.

  4. COngratsSS!!!!!!! Welcome to the BB club!
    Nanged ya=)

  5. Congrats man! I want that phone too T_T

  6. wa wa wa wa congraaaaaats tea tarik!

  7. hi, jz stopping by. congratz! ur blackberry looks real cool man!

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