Being Yourself Might Not Be the Best Advice

You know all the times you were growing up, the advice that is always given to you is to "be yourself". One of the most common things that you were told when you were a kid, we all live our lives all these times based on these simple principle. Recently, I talked to the girls on this and to their opinion, sometimes this would not necessarily be the best advice you would want to give a person...

Recently, I've been blog surfing around, reading other people's entry for the date night and I've read some great stories for people to tell. However, the one thing that I realize is, most people on the hunt for their love ones will end up not knowing what to do and ask their closest people's opinion. Their response?

"Just be yourself and you will be fine..."

Problem is, what if yourself is not good enough for the person you are after? What if that being yourself would be the most disastrous thing you would do for yourself?

A helpful flowchart if you are in trouble...

I'm sure that a lot of you would have your own set of experiences in this department. Perhaps that sometimes, there are a lot of things about yourself that you need to improve in order for a person to really realize your personality. True, that in the end of the day what matters is that person inside of you, whether you would be a decent person or not. But, would this show in the first impression?

Lets face it, the reason I know this is because I was part of the number of people who thought that what I am is what a person must like about me, and I shouldn't fake my own identity. As you can see from my previous post (click HERE), I used to look bad. Trust me when I say this that I shouldn't be posting old photos of me anymore, for the sake of humanity (or rather my own pride). In the end of the day readers, sometimes we need to do what it takes to improve on ourselves to make others to like us. Perhaps its some bad habits that you have, sense of dressing, the jokes you make, anything.

Call it what you want, but sometimes first impression would determine between a "That was a great night, we should do it again soon" to a "Don't think of adding me on Facebook..." situation. Thus, if we truly hold on to the principles of being yourself, we might get ourselves stuck with no chance of having to salvage the opportunity.

This is the reason why I am never against guys or girls who go out of their way to make themselves either look better or act better when they are around other people. Honestly, I salute those who really do try to improve because trust me, I know how hard it is to do so. It is people like you guys realize the reality of dating out there, we all look for the very best for ourselves and sometimes  we only have first impressions to determine those things...

So, don't get upset if the person does not find you attractive because in the end, you too scrutinize the other person for the benefit of your own attraction. Its not "judging a book by its cover", its simply making the best of yourself. :D

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  1. very informative! nanged! but what's GPF?

    AND i do get upset if ppl tink i look horrible @.@ oh well