6 Months and Counting

Its true what they say, time passes real fast when you're having fun and that would be the best description to my current relationship. Given that we've gone through quite a bit before we got together (given the outside factors about us) but its worth the trouble.

A rare picture of us before getting together in Oxford,UK. Fated I believe.

As one would expect, the whole cultural and racial differences between us do get the attention of others and even some, criticism from some. Its unusual to find a Malay guy and a Chinese girl to get together but hey, nothing is impossible. So for the last 6 months she's been there with me to persevere everything for us to be together.

So, I figured I would do something out of the ordinary to celebrate our 6 months anniversary. Since that I'm not going to be around town on the day, I figured I'd post two of her favorite songs on the net with me singing them! :D

Most of the time I would be carrying that bag...

Please bear in mind, I DO NOT SPEAK A LICK OF CHINESE and I have to admit that I did struggle to learn how to play and sing the song entirely. For readers out there who knows this song, do go easy on me with the critics ya?

Acoustic cover of Ai Ai Ai made popular by Khalil Fong. Please don't laugh at my pronunciation as stated on my disclaimer above...

A classic to a lot of people's heart, I'm sure of it. Belaian Jiwa made popular by Innuendo. Ignore the ending, ran out of ideas how to end it so hantam only...

Special thanks to my two "not so professional" musical directors Cheryl and Su Yoong for making this thing possible. Couldn't have done it without you two...

Happy Anniversary Sayang.

Nang if you like the post guys! Thanks!


  1. OMG! how come i didnt know about this? O_O when did u guys recorded it? thank you so much sweethearts, all of u! so so so sweet of u guys. T^T happy 6th months anniversary dear. =) will give u a big kiss later!

  2. i swear i think i heard u say 'rojak' some part of khalil's song. LOL

    su damn funny man forced u to glare to the left suddenly. AAAAAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAH

  3. biasa laa kene carry handbag :(

  4. so sweet of u to sing that CHINESE song for ur girlfriend... i'm sure she was VERY HAPPY... =)
    Happy anniversary to both of u.. =)

  5. Omg, that is just... soooooo sweet!
    I wish you many more years of happiness :)

  6. so sweet! seriously awww..!!

  7. So sweet of you.

    Your AiAiAi sounded Malay and your Belaian Jiwa sound Chinese. But its nice. I kinda like this version of belaian jiwa.

    Happy anniversary..

  8. Awwwwww.... So sweeeettt... Guess what! I'm a 'product' of an AYU MALAY WOMEN and A SEPET CHINESE MAN... Nothing impossible! And hey~! U guys look so sweeeettt together~!

  9. To all the people commenting on the post, I really do appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my very soul. Its been great for me to see the support for this and its made our day! THANKS AGAIN PEEPS!

  10. stay sweeet !!! :D happy for both of u!

  11. Seee, I told u I heard rojak somewhere along the song too!! ahhahahahah!!

    omg. please dont tell anyone that he was actually glaring at me. Paiseh sial :$

  12. Hi there. I came across your comment on kennysia.com about lasik surgery. How much did it cost you since I'm considering it too.

  13. @w3ndee :D thank you!

    @susu we had to. if not you blur2 there...

    @sylk it ocst me around 3800 for both eyes at that time, because of a student promotion.

  14. omg!!! that's sooo sweeettt! wished i was there to help as well. T_T

    Happy Anniversary u twwwoooooo!!!!!! ^_^