Things You Don't Know about Super Mario

I had a reminiscing teh tarik session with Safriz and Eddie the other day about game consoles of the past and it kinda spurred to me about the legendary games that we use to remember back in the days. I know that this post is going to make me sound ancient but there are those out there that still appreciates all this. So here we go:

All hail the Grandad of Home Game Consoles

While some of you guys are way to young to remember this, some of us would never forget the days where Micro Genius IQ 501 use to rule our days at home, plugging our very souls in front of TV's, especially for me where this is my very first experience of games. The graphics was the bomb back then, and the games were played by a 76 pin cartridge which you insert into the slot above. We all remember how we used to make sure that we insert the cartridge slowly into the slot, blow the IC of the cartridge to make sure there is no dust in there and even going as crazy as using the RM1 note to clean the inside of the console, and rumors that if you use any other notes bigger than RM1, you'll damage the reader inside. Yes, everyone had their own theories on this matter.

I use to remember that they sell the cartridges in stores and market them as Super Mega Games 99 in 1 in front of the cartridge, only to realize after purchase there is actually 4 games in there and they repeat the same bloody game with different titles over and over again...

Mario Mario!

Among all the games that we all remember from the past, Super Mario will always the be the one that everyone would remember until today. Quite honestly, Mario never escaped from my life, with all the sequels that it came out until today,the memories of how the bastard little Mushroom tormented my childhood by always telling me that the Princess is in the other World every time I beat Bowser, and even to the extend making a cameo in the last Comic Con that me and the girls went in Sunway

Mario told her the mushroom is a bit trippy. Look what happened to her face...

So after my little discussion with the boys I googled up some mysteries about Mario and I found these infos!

1. The Graphic of the Cloud and the Bushes Are Always the Same, Only Different Colors.

Those lazy bastards..

2. The Minus World

This can only be obtained from a glitch from World 2-1, passing through a solid wall. It was underwater, dozens of Princesses, and Bowser. So thats where she went...

3. Mario was Named After Nintendo's First Landlord

They had no money, and their first landlord wanted to throw them out for no paying rent. Instead they bargained with old Mario Seagale to extend their time if they renamed "Jumpman" to "Mario". It worked...

4. Mario's Gameplay was Inspired by the Stories of Alice in Wonderland.

Hmm,, how do I tell Suwen this...

5. Mario Wears Overralls So That It would Help The Animation in 8-Bit

The very same reason why he has a mustache rather than a mouth and the fact he wears a hat. All this because the 8-Bit graphic could not support any more animation than that. Still, it was pure genius back then.

6. Bowser's Fireball is Backwards!

Why, those sneaky little buggers...

There you have it folks, small little things that we never did realize happening while we were playing with the game. Quite possibly that I have made myself feel not only ancient but the biggest dork on the planet...

Nang if you like this post guys! Thanks!


  1. arara!! gimme mario to play again!! T^T love this post!

  2. thanks for sharing the things about mario.. used the play it when i was younger =)

  3. i dont care! i still love mario... i want to play it again! *insert Mario theme*

  4. OMG i'm not a fan of MARIO but...OMG! O_O love the facts!

  5. wow.. reminds me of my younger days before pc games started.. i was hooked on this game.. :D i feel so old now

  6. I believe that this post is intended for those who actually play the original Super Mario Bros. back in the days. Not the graphic enhanced version but the messed up 8 Bit version. Viva la Mario!

    Thanks guys for the support!

  7. Gosh, never knew so much about Mario! Love the game really, i miss playing the super old Nintendo Gameboy version. There are new versions now, but it's just not the same =D!