Real Life Avatar Battle!

Before someone expects a post filled with arrow shooting,tattoo filled, flying dinosaur mounting, oversized Smurfs fighting around my house in Shah Alam, I am actually referring to an equally epic battle right in front of my window and I got to see it!


For the past 5 months already, I've been checking out a bee hive that decided to nest underneath the roof of my house. Lucky for me, the entrance of the beehive is right in front of my window which allows me to monitor their daily activity safely. Today, my father decided to go for the kill...

Entrance hole!

As one would see, the men armed themselves with bug spray as well as a smoke machine to literally smoke the bees out. In case you guys are wondering, they don't come out in numbers of hundreds but THOUSANDS the minute they men began their attack

Nest turned into a steamy sauna in 30 seconds!

Bees fought valiantly to save their honey. So hard that the men could not go near the nest until they had to empty out their poison on the nest to kill most of the bees. Which means that we could not save the honey but at least the bees finally subsided their attack. Bit of trivia here that the smoke DOES NOT actually kill the bees, more stunning them to a daze for a while.

Once everything was cleared, we opened the roof panels to see our prize. Amazingly in the past 5 months, the bees managed to build 7 panels of honey comb inside their hive. Didn't find the queen bee though...

Amazing honeycombs uncovered, dripping with gold honey!

The entire task took them almost 45 minutes because of the bee's resistance to their effort but in the end they prevailed. Quite honestly watching the entire thing take place from an aerial view really reminded me of the Avatar battle. Human goes against nature, nature puts up a fight, humans win with technological advantage. Only this time, they don't have the chance to fight back and we got their prized possession! 

Humans 1 - A million Bees 0!

Minus the CGI, cool rocket launchers and weird crying shrieks when their tree was cut down, I say I have a pretty decent show here, right in front of my room. Perhaps that these would be one of those times where we feel our power against nature, especially when they can't fight back! Well, at least for now...

Should not have messed around with Smurfette...

Nang if you like the post guys! Thanks!


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