My Favorite Surfing Spot

Seems to me that these days, surfing at home seems to get on my nerves simply because of backlog of speed, loss of connection and even sometimes I would also have an overload of users in the house, even though there is only two computers sharing the network system.You see, I've been a loyal customer with Streamyx for many years now and we are still having problems with the internet connection. Perhaps now that Safriz is now part of the TM family, things would improve around the house a little bit.

On the xth day, God gave us Wi-Fi!

Wireless Internet in Malaysia!

Thank god now, wireless internet makes it possible for me and everyone else to actually surf almost anywhere around the country, even in the most remote place that you wouldn't dream of having internet connection before. And so, my top 4 favorite places (odd number, don't ask) to "surf" the net:

At Home (like, duh...)

Who would not love the privacy of your own home? Your own personal computer, I would love nothing more than kick back into my boxer shorts and take my time surfing the net at my own privacy. Besides, who among us would not love a little privacy doing what they like while surfing right? :D

My very own 22 incher that burns my cornea every time I use it. God bless technology...

Mamak Shop with Wi-Fi + Sisha

For those who don't really know what Sisha really is then I suggest you go google it out. At times of desperation, I'll whip out ye olde laptop and head over to the nearest mamak in town and surf while enjoying my cup of teh tarik as well as a set of sisha. Ultimate bliss I tell you.

Nowadays, with the advent of wireless internet such as P1w1max on board, every shop now boast wireless capability. So much that for those who do not have one in their shops would lose out completely to their competitors...

In Class!

Not that I am not paying attention in class (which I do!), its just that I have this habit of Wiki-ing something every time I hear something new that the lecturer is talking about. Call it a force of habit...

Since my class is in KL, I found out that the entire KL is now wired with wireless internet FOR FREE! Provided by a service called Wireless KL, right now every Ali, Ah Chan and Appu can surf anywhere around KL so long that their device can find their connection, which you usually can!

Mobile Internet

Lets face it, we can't be lugging our laptops around to surf in the convenience of time and place. Thats the reason why I feel the advancements of mobile internet is a blessing to humanity. You can be at a mamak shop trying to figure out who scored on the other football games or even having an idea to blog while you are on the crapper, this little gizmo has never failed anyone when it comes to mobile internet.

I'm now on the Blackberry mobile internet and so far, life has been great. No more making myself look like a school kid, lugging around a backpack with my laptop inside. All I need is to whip out the Blackberry and I am connected.

So, what is left with the internet connection in Malaysia? To what extend they are going to improve it, which I am sure that they will in the near future? As far as I am concerned, with the advancements that we have seen so far, I'm pretty sure that we are going to see more to come our way. In fact, a little bird told me about this as a new thing coming our way:

Enter High Speed Fiber Optics Broadband!

Nang if you like the post guys! Thanks!

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