Moronic Bloggers who Makes Us Look Bad

Here we go again... another blogger who decided to write something that he deems to be funny and Segue the reputation of bloggers like us into the drain again.

Recently we've seen a barrage of people updating their post based on the news that the CEO of TNB has decided to sue WWF over the Earth Hour campaign that we had yesterday. The news ended up being a hoax however it attracted a lot of attention from so many people to the point that some would actually believe that it was true...

I've written a post before on how there should be a freedom for bloggers to write what they think, so long that they follow the boundaries of reason and consideration to other bloggers (click HERE to check out the post) and perhaps, I would repeat myself again here.

Bloggers should at least have the common courtesy to use the right to speak your mind responsibily. Our friend here decided to, out of sheer joke and humor, spread false news depicting a view on a corporation for the sake of viewers and popularity. Is this what we are left with?

Already us bloggers are having a bad rap, with news of bloggers who use their blog to maliciously condemn innocent parties and in the end, outside readers no longer take us bloggers seriously. There are so many of us bloggers around that actually respects the etiqutte of blogging, simply because we actually take the consideration and rights of other people seriously. Because of the small number of idiots like this, all our efforts of keeping our reputation intact goes down the drain.

There is NO JUSTIFICATION for an act like this. I am amazed that some may think "Oh have a sense of humor, he already wrote there on his banner"....

Just because I give a disclaimer, gives me the right to do whatever I want?

Readers, please bear in mind that this person actually have A LOT of readers and his words are read everyday by a lot of people. You would think that someone with that much popularity would at least disclose himself rather than hide under the anonymous curtain of the internet, even more than be a little bit responsible with his posts? Malicious accusations of another party is NOT A JOKE sir, it is an action that can be taken by law if there is proof that people HONESTLY believe that it is the truth.
The post has since been taken down from his site but I feel that bloggers like this must be made as an example.

I would humbly ask readers out there to give their thoughts maturely on this matter, as I would want to see the response to this matter. Perhaps with enough opinions, I would be able to show this to Dato Che Khalib and other TNB officials and get their opinions on this matter, I would promise that.

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  1. You are right.......n what matters to them is to put their names on the chart. But sadly...Nuffnang can't monitor this type of rubbish around us. Intentionally not to condemn anyone but hope he could learned the mistake from now on. StayTune...

  2. i knew it was a parody right from the start.. i think it's quite cool, and funny as well.. too bad too many people too that seriously =/

  3. A lot of us don't read/ look carefully at a Blog's banner, and so when i first read the entry i thought it was real. (though it was rather doubtful during the "POWER EXTREME" part.).

    Till i opened the page again and saw the banner, and laughed. I actually find it funny, but i also found that a lot of people were rather angry that they were punked(?).

    Personally, i think it's rather funny ("power extreme!!") and laughed at myself for believing it. But i felt the Blogger should've added a disclaimer at the end of the post.

  4. I so totally agree with u! It's like the bloggers who actually HAVE something to say aren't taken seriously because of those weird bloggers who just wanna boost their traffic.

    I like the way you write; your English is good!

  5. Wondering if he will kena anything for making up such a story lol.

  6. In any case, this spoof showed how naive Malaysian are. The website who first published the news is well known for spoofs and a quick search on other major news portal showed no such announcement took place.

    So it's really an egg in the face for the general public instead of TNB, they should have checked their facts and make sure it is indeed true. There are plenty of such humour websites on the web and their spoofs are to be taken in light heart and as a joke.

    It just highlights how gulible the Malaysian public are, a little bit more of applied analytics and critical thinking would easily have exposed it is a spoof. It is how the political parties in Malaysia operates too, they know that whatever they say will never be investigated by the majority of the general public and thus they could always stay in power no matter what they do or say ;)

  7. The post by that blogger is a prank. However, some points in his post actually make sense. TNB actually do have a lower revenue on that day.
    and also, do you think that earth hour really do contribute to save energy? i don't think so...
    do read bout my blog post bout earth hour.

  8. This is so true.. i mean.. there are people misuse the actual meaning of blogging.. However.. I like the way you write things.. cool!!


  9. Well, it's just a parody after all, and it's a blog dedicated to his creative writing.

    Please don't call people a moron

  10. the response for this post has been phenomenal! I will try to respond to each one, please do bear with me.

    @kenwooi yeah, they should have really thought it through before going through with this.

    @nebular it should be a common courtesy from the bloggers themselves to be a little aware of their surroundings before posting something like this. But I do concur that its a shame there is no one to monitor

    @jojo yay you read my serious post!!! XD

    @nazihah well put. its a shame for ppl like you and me who actually respect the etiquette of blogging

  11. @krazy trust me, a nice little civil suit would be coming his way. he's not running no where...

    @Ben I do understand the nature of the spoofs and postings that he has been writing. but there is a major difference between his previous postings and this particular one. Instead of making fun of facts, he decided to put out allegations on a person and a company to a very sensitive matter. If it is true that he is known for spoofs, many would be able to spot it as fake immediately. instead, the opposite happened.

    @yen yup read on your blog on this matter, it does help reduce the percentage of energy usage which equals to reduction of cost for producing electricity for that day. I will comment on your blog on this matter. :D

    @Yvonne thanks! its about time us bloggers put a stop to ppl like him and take action.

    @Chingy as i said early, I am all for creative writing, as I too use my blog for the same purpose. However if one refuses to respect the sanctity of blogging etiquette and simply defame a person with untrue comments (be it fictional or not), then he would have to pay for it. I call him a moron because he should be classified as one of those bloggers who deny the rest of us the right to be taken seriously, just for the sake of laughter and popularity. If he doesn't respect the rights of others, why should we respect him in return?

  12. sorry typo there:

    "early" supposed to be "earlier"... :D

  13. It tarnishes the image of already rotten sight of a blogger... Selfish!!! Dumbass!!!

  14. these people should get a life rather than lie. =.=

  15. @JLean thanks for the support mate!

    @BernardC indeed and in the end, we're the ones that have to clean the mess up

    @jinx.joey indeed... perhaps they should focus more on the quality of their blog rather than mere "slapstick comedy"

  16. I still believe the whole parody joke is still a cool...yes maybe the blogger has a social responsibility to not publish articles that tarnish the image of a corporate company but readers have a bigger responsibility of checking the validity of what they read...

    maybe the blogger went a tad too far by saying actual names but the joke is on gullible malaysians who are always way too easy to believe just about anything without confirming the fact...

    ethical wise, the blogger can't be held responsible if people choose to believe what he reads because he has put a clear disclaimer but he could still be sued legally...

    and i still think malaysians need to lighten up and try to enjoy a satirical piece meant to create awareness about general issues...

    the blogger's probably just trying to tell more people about Earth Hour and the magnitude of its effect to encourage more to join and the blogger found a creative way and it seems to have worked well given the furore...


  17. we can't be that serious all the time. When I read the "POWER EXTREME" part, already I know this is a joke.

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  19. @Idzwan i do agree with you that sometimes we should lighten up. As I mentioned in both my post and above comments, I am all for freedom of expression for writing, be it for comedic and serious nature. But perhaps while doing so, the blogger should take into consideration on the after effects it may bring should it be published. I, however, disagree that bloggers should not be held responsible for what they say. As much as it is his copyright of work for what he wrote, he must also be responsible for the after effect of his writing, be it for bad of for good. :D

    @karen true. but somethings should not be joked around with. but i also liked the power extreme bit... :D

  20. @TMBF I'm sorry Mr. TMBF, i reserve the comments made on this matter WITHOUT the personal attacks and kiddish behavior. As you can see above, everyone gives out comment in a proper manner, regardless for or against the nature of the post and I will answer accordingly.

  21. I was one of the gullible reader. in my defense, the linkages and related posting spread like wild fire and some didn't say that this was a parody/hoax when they posted the link in their blogs. worse still, some started to condemn TNB in their blogs which carried an intense angry emotion and this only made more people even angrier...

    yes, there was a disclaimer at the original blog, but the wild fire decided to burn the disclaimer, so to hell everything went.

    I'm just glad i didn't help spread the hoax. even if I intended to, I would have checked the source.


    such is the dark side of irresponsible blogging.

    when I read about the truth in the star, I was left wondering if TNB would really sue, not WWF but the blogger.

  22. teh tarik,
    mmg agak keterlaluan jugak mamat tu. agak2 la nk bikin lawak pon.

    p/s: malas nk pikir ayat dlm english.

  23. Shah,

    I think there is no way that they could pursue anything concrete against him.

    I have seen worse said on the web about Malaysia and certain people in Malaysia and nothing could be done.

    I would have supplied the link here, but again, I would prefer not to, lest I get myself into touble :)

    In any case, we each have our right to an opinion. I guess we must agree to disagree ;)

    Ben Lai
    p/s: I did re-post it on my facebook page, but I had inserted the fact it's a spoof as the first comment on my shared link ;)

  24. @gus i believe that discussions have been made to whether the next action that they will take on this matter. Please don't feel bad about believing it to be true as I too was dumbfounded for a bit before realizing the truth. kudos to you for not spreading the fire

    @Matjoe thanks bro sebab support blog. mmg la ade yg tak pikir dulu sebelum buat lawak. tak pasal2 dah jadi camni, baru nak kelam-kabut...

    @Ben I agree that the issue on "cyber law" has been a grey area in Malaysia, something that I have been looking into even before getting into law school. Yes, we each have our opinions and I would respect all of them, so long it is done in a right manner. We all agree to disagree perhaps...