I'm Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

About a week ago, I was doing my daily rounds of checking through my mail and one of them, contained an email titled "PROJEK SULIT...shh!". Of course, my first thought was another "me-so-horny-come-and-chat-tonight" spam post, which usually I would disregard (honestly). But seeing that the email was from Nuff, I figured might as well I go check it out.

It seems that I have been invited to join in the fun at the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair, which is going to be held on the 17th April at the Open Area, Ground Floor Berjaya Times Square between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dubbed as one of the biggest blogger event of the year, it seems to me that missing out on the event would be a waste, as it seems that they are seriously going all out on the games and prizes for this event.

As expected for events like this, we would be seeing a lot of games being held in the event, one to put focus would be the SUMO SUIT WRESTLE! Trust me when I say this from experience, there is nothing funnier watching a bunch of dudes (sometimes even chicks) dressing in an over sized sumo costume, trying to topple one another.

 Battle of the last brownie commences...

Of course, I would love to see my idea of games being held in the fair. Before someone assumes that I was thinking of "wet t-shirt" contest (which I didn't), it would be great to see if adults are forced to play competitions that we use to play when we were younger. Pitch the adults with musical chairs, bawa telur dalam sudu, duck-duck goose, and see how they can still hold themselves together playing games that was popular in the "not so distant" past! Quite honestly guys, I am open to suggestions of what we would want to see for competitions during the event!

One of the things that caught my attention immediately is that they are offering prizes that are kinda lucrative. Apart from the normal lucky draw prizes that consist of electronic goods, phones, computers and many more. Most importantly they are even offering a whopping RM 15,000 WORTH OF VOUCHERS for a prize during the carnival. Now that is something I would go after...

Might need to bring a leprechaun for good luck for the lucky draw....

For those of you out there who are still unsure of how to get to Berjaya Times Square, either you guys are from out of town or you have been living under a rock all this while. Located smack middle of KL town, you won't miss the gargantuan building located next to the old Pudu Jail (I know, consider the irony...). There are many ways to get there, by taking the KL Monorail straight to the Imbi Station, or even driving towards Jalan Pudu. For those who are a little tech savvy, whip out your GPS and follow the voice of the nice lady and head on towards the place! 

If you guys are still unsure how to get there, I've provided a little map for you guys to follow. Hopefully you guys find it helpful.

I'd honestly say that the things they are offering are enough to get me curious to find out myself what goes on there. Who knows, I might even have a bit of fun while I'm there, obviously with Suwen trying to stop me from making myself look like a complete moron. Hope to see you guys there, you'll find me whacking moles with a giant squeaky hammer trying to win an huge pink bunny!

If you guys need more information on the event, do visit their link HERE and come find out what the whole fuss is about! See you guys there!

Nang if you like the post guys! Thanks!


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