I Just Love Good Smelling People

Lets face it, most of us shudder at the very thought of foul smelling people that surrounds you, on a hot sweaty days. A pet peeve you may call it, I have this obsession of questioning every person that, for some reason, would not realize their own body odor.

Good friends think alike, great friends make sure each other's armpits don't smell...

Thankfully that (so far!) I am surrounded with people who have the same mentality as I do, and with the current heatwave that we have been going through now, I am sure that a lot would agree with me of taking extra precautions to make sure our body don't smell. (refer to pic above for example). Be it at home, in class or even travelling, the last thing you want to be is in a situation where people would have to react badly to your body odor or in some case, armpit smell.

One of the times where I am thankful I was the cameraman...

Let's face it, for us guys we sweat considerably more than women and we tend to develop some smell especially after a hard day in the gym or after sports. We can't take a shower every single time we sweat, so we may have to resort to deodorants to make sure that we have a "back up" plan, in case we get into one of those situations.
Right now, I am considering the new Adidas Action 3 deodorant that they are promoting under Project Alpha. I have to be honest that I have my doubts when it comes to deodorant but as I was told by several people who actually uses the product, it does prevent stickiness as well as remove moisture under "hot spot" areas, that usually is the cause of bad odor for guys. If that sentence does not gross you out, I don't know what will...

Trust me on this, it hurts when you are prevented to do things that you want because of body odor, and its near death when the person that has to tell that you have body odor is a girl (vice versa for girls of course). Take precautionary steps people, its gonna be a string of long sunny days ahead of us!

Keep your body smell peachy, and you're set to do stupid poses in other countries. No problems.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1and MAS.

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    on a side note, have you ever noticed how nice kevin joshua always smells? hehehe. he smells nice. which makes him slightly nicer.

    see you IN class!