The Fight on Malay Rights

There seem to be a large number of discussions and dissatisfactions among my peers about the issue of "Malay Rights". Albeit that this is nothing new in the news, discussions might have been escalating based on a statement given by one Dr. Zubir Harun, Yang Di-Pertua Perkasa Negeri Pahang and perhaps, this would be a good opportunity for me to put out some views that I gather on the matter.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 — Malay nationalist group Perkasa warns that the Chinese community will use the next general election to take over the country.

Wednesday, 8th March 2010

One look over this and sometimes I wonder, where did it all go wrong? Truth be told that 20 years ago, everything was peachy for most Malaysian and we all could at least agree to one thing, that there will always be enough for everyone in the country, regardless of race or even religion. Yet today, we see evidences of squabbling among us Malaysians, with one party screaming against each other that they are being unfair, disrespectful and most importantly, racist. When was the time that we suddenly lost all the values that kept us together as a nation for so very long?

As I read the post written by Dr Zubir, too many times that we have seen the issue on the possible challenge on the right of Malays and the reaction of people against it. I managed to discuss this matter with my father, a man that is worthy of an opinion simply because that he has worked through the ranks between racial differences and come out successful out of it. He mentioned to me that perhaps we shouldn't focus too much on arguments that might stir possible fights among many people in this country and concentrate more of fixing the task in hand. People are too quick to accuse a person a "racist bigot", "an UN-Malaysian", and even reacting too quickly of any actions like this as a "challenge" to a particular race. 

The statement that is made by the man is obviously out of hand, in which I am sure that most politicians would not condone his actions. An apology is made and he has been reprimanded for his actions. The story should end there...

Why must now we bring up and fight about the subject? More appropriately, what is it that we want more?

As a Malay, it is to my humble opinion that we as a people are known in our culture to tolerate. Not only has it been practiced in our culture for generations before and generations to come, it is clearly stated in the Quran that to be a good Muslim is to tolerate those around us. As far as we are concerned, there are no challenges over our right as a Malay in this country. For one, I truly understand that there are sometimes concerned that we might tolerate too much to the people in this country, with some opinions that say we are making ourselves look weak among the others. Forgive my remark if this may sound crude, but this would be the biggest rubbish that I have ever heard. I am sure that non-Malays in Malaysia understand our contributions to this country and appreciates their effort for it. As a race, we are strong and without the ability to be tolerant to others to compensate that strength, we would have never gotten our independence in the first place.

As a Malay who dwells around non-Malays, I understand that it could be hurtful to hear or see statements such as this being highlighted in the media. Let me be the first to clear that there are no intentions of anyone trying to "kick non-Malays" out of the country for being different. Yes we do have advantages given to Malays  in the country but those have been around for more than 50 years already and we have never had a problem until now! Ridiculous suggestions has been made that we are cutting the non-Malays short of opportunities in this country. Truth be told that all this would only happen when someone believes an utter garbage that might suggest racial disunity and reacts badly towards them. One proof of this is, that if it is true that Malaysia has limited rights for the non-Malays especially in opportunities, how is it possible that ONLY ONE MALAY broke into the top 10 riches people in Malaysia? (click here for statistic)

Is this really necessary?

In the end of the day, remember that it is not just the Malays, Chinese or Indians that built this country to its glory today. We all did it together and we did it together fine with all the "Malay Rights" and opportunities given  non-Malays. If there are those, fueled either by greed or stupidity, to come up with comments that might tip the balance we have in this country, then please stop. As I would humbly put it to all Malaysians, be it Malays, Chinese or Indians, if you don't think you agree or like the way things in this country has been running for all these times, then please find a country that can suit your needs. Leave us Malaysian who want to make a difference, who are trying to make racial unity work and appreciates the life here alone.

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