As A Man...

We are expected to rise above the rest, and not buckle under pressure

We are expected by our partners to be there for our partners when times are tough, not run at the first sight of trouble

To put out a tough exterior but realize that sometimes its OK to have her comfort you when times are grim

Would best to sometimes just listen rather than argue, for sometimes that would achieve more than you think you know (even though sometimes you just want to choke her)

To know that we are the stronger sex, and should use it responsibly

To know that each woman wants us to be there for her, regardless of how strong she would say she is

To be there to catch our partners when she falls, no matter how many times that would be

To know that we should be respected by our partner, however not demand it without reason

Because in the end of the day, all she ever wanted was a person to say "Everything is going to be alright..."

To have the strength to protect our loved ones, not use it on them out of rage and hatred

To know that sometimes, one of those days would come by and kick you in the nuts

Would be more than happy to be around her no matter what the occasion, because in the end of the day you don't want to be the old dude trying to be young alone

Most importantly, we would do whatever it takes to make sure that not a single tear would ever come out of her eyes because of any reason, especially because of you

Because no matter what we say, we cannot go through our time without them

We as Men do all this not because we want to be the better person, is because in the end she would be more than happy to do the same for you...

Something that I have been talking to with the girls about being a real man and sum it all out in a more poetic fashion. Cheryl decided to touch her poetic side of her life so I figured its only fair to have the men's side of the story right? Check out her version of the "Woman's" side guys, maybe would actually give an insight of a woman's mind...

Nang if you like the post guys! Thanks!


  1. yeah.. you can call this "memoirs of a gentleman" =)

  2. @ken would consider it, but I risk of being beaten to a pulp by my friends for being tacky

    @cereal glad you like it!

  3. i love the pic of man n woman evolution.....

  4. @krazy thanks! i'm glad that you like it!

    @kisahremaja i know bro. stumbled on the pic while i was using my stumble function...