Are Looks and Accessories that Important?

Startling discussion that I had earlier on about this topic. It kinda puts things into perspective over what I thought was right in the business world. Then again for opinions sake, I am more than happy to be corrected. Would like to credit the idea of the post to Sdr. Al Azadi and Sdri. Johany. This might be the first post with a husband-wife contributor! Thanks guys.

Yes I do realize there's a stuffed bunny in my hand...

I was driving to pick up Suwen the other day and I overheard about a segment in BFM on how better looks, dressing and accessory might be a key to success among women and a way to boost self confidence. While hearing that I wondered, are looks and accessories that important?

As I was chatting with the couple, I was amazed, both on the truth as well as the coincident, of them bringing up the issue that sometimes, people would have to depend on the factors to boost their chances in the workplace, especially with those involved in sales. They mentioned that unless someone actually gets something that might impress their customers, be it a nice suit, a brand new phone and even to the extent of a brand new BMW, you would not stand a chance competing in the work place. Reason being that this are one of the ways to actually boost their work chances by raising their image to a level that might be at par or even more than the customers.

BMW - might save your career one day

Amazing as it may sound but nowadays, especially in Malaysia, the idea of "first impression" makes such a big impact in business and work that sometimes, one would actually pose up the question:

Between the image and quality of work, which is more important?

I've always thought that to make it in the business world would depend on hard work, "elbow grease" and self confidence. Perhaps I may have been too naive to think that some people would use these "game edges" for their benefit to look good among their peers and stand out of the crowd, rather than just being a worker in a pigeon hole. Of course, one would never disregard to produce the same amount of quality of work at par to the image that they portray. However as I asked earlier, which one becomes the priority then?

Perhaps that it is our conquest to make ourselves look professional. Not that I have anything against it as I too would spend thousands on a nice, tailored suit to make myself look presentable to work or even on stage debating. Many women I know would spend 5 times the amount I do on either clothes, accessories and even make up (obviously) to make themselves look good and presentable. I agree that it is important to look good in order for a person to take you seriously and, as stated above, making yourselves stand out more among the public.

What concerns me the most would be that we Asians especially tend to take too much attention on focusing to look professional and look good and at the same time sacrificing the quality of work that you put out. I suppose I would have to agree with the concept with a hint of twist. Take every effort to make yourself look good and presentable but make sure you have the quality to back that look up. Nothing should be sacrificed.

Suits - making your everyday kids to professional looking adults in an instant!

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  1. very true... well said bro! nanged!

  2. =) great post...
    well juz think about it this way la,
    if i dont paint my face until so colourful the first time u see me, would u remember/recognise me the second time u see me? =P

    i think deep down inside, everyone's superficial to a certain extend. =/