They are Those Who Never Care

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has condemned the attacks made on three churches in the Klang Valley but has asked the public not to start pointing fingers at who may have been responsible for the attacks.
 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister Malaysia
Friday January 8, 2010 MYT 11:57:00 AM

The Star Online

To whom commenting on this post, this issue may be a sensitive issue so please, comment with care. Thank you...

When the news came around to me earlier today, it came as a shock to me like any other Malaysian would react. Then again, it shouldn't come as a shock to me anymore as this is not the first time something this stupid has happened. For those who don't know, the news are referring to the attacks made on the three churches in Klang Valley earlier today. Once again, we are surrounded by idiots who thinks that actions such as this would provide sufficient scare tactics that might make people agree to their opinions.

Don't this people care about other Muslim brothers? Don't this people think the repurcussions that we, other Malaysian Muslims, have to suffer in this matter? Worse this is that after doing this, none came out to claim responsibility, only acting and hiding in the dark for fear of the repurcussion of it.

For all the MoaTTD non-malay/muslim readers out there, these are the kind of actions that majority of us Malays are dreaeding, simply because that in the end of the day, we would be the one who suffers from this, having to explain that not all of us feel the same way as these people who act out so irrationally. Truth be told, that I am confident, that 98% of us would think that these small number of people should be given the Darwin Awards, literally removed from the human gene pool altogther. Quite simply acts of cowardise such as this would only jeorpadise our efforts to make this country better. As far as I am concerned that this would be one of the times that people would question, whether it is possible for us to salvage the possibilty of retaining our strength as one nation.

One of the things that made me cringe was the flashback of the things that I have to go through when idiots acted out of stupidity. There was that whole incident of me being throughly checked when I was in the Australian Airport in 2002 after the Bali Bombing, the whole stereotype that others had on me when they found out I was a Muslim, the idiocracy of the whole "severed cow head" thing which I had to explain to my non Muslim friends that only idiots would do such a thing because they saw that the people who did it was from a surau and now, we have this.

I am not the most piased person on the planet, that is absolutely clear but at least, we all must at least have some common sense that actions like this would only make matters worse and most importantly, the teachings of Islam are DEFINITELY AGAINST ATTACKS on others. In the end of the day, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out that this kind of actions would one day spell the destruction of our society itself.

The person who are responsible on this matter should be dragged out and punished, not as Muslims but just plain uneducated, moronic, idiotic, barely-a-Malaysian-if-lucky people, for the reason of creating a national ruckus or even TREASON!

There are no government conspiracies on this matter, no "underhand tactics" or any of such backward possibilities. This occurs because there are idiots living among us and its time we put a stop to it. For those who think what has happened is a right thing to do, I leave you with one scenario:

"Imagine that a sacred place is now torched. Imagine a place where millions go to for salvation, now in ruins. Imagine that religious books that are tresured by millions are now left in ashes. Imagine a place where those who are unfortunate can seek refuge is no no more. Imagine, if its a mosque..."


  1. I agree that what these people are doing are beyond stupidity.Its scary. At the same time, it makes me angry. Are we not all Malaysians?

    Quite frankly, these idiots do not realise the extreme consequences of their actions. I know that Islam preaches peace, love and kindness just like any other religion; but because these idiots hide behind their religious curtain in defense of their thoughtless actions, it is no wonder others have the wrong impression against Islam.

    They should really stop for a second and think a little bit before acting. For what they are doing is causing religious discord. The last thing this country needs is another May 13th.

  2. Hear hear. When I try to rationalize on at least their aims of why those who torch the place are doing this, I cannot think of anything logical except that this is some kinda selfish childish outburst. The mentality of a cave man of "Me not happy. Me punch, me hit, me clobber." In the end, it doesn't contribute to anything positive but then again, maybe it required too high a mental capacity for them to have thought of it.

  3. SHAH thx for your invite,here i go..

    too much of politics going on here...sentiments are a strong element to unite people for votes..
    look at what hindraf did,indians got united and went against the government as a whole.i know many many who voted for pas in the past election,when voting for pas is a absolute taboo among indians..the current political climate had divided the malay into two..and it could be an political play by either the oposition or the govenment to unite the malays under the name of allah to vote for them...we all know religion is a very sensitive issue for malaysians..dont be suprised as in the following days to come,many politicians will manipulate this issue to their advantage..what im against is dragging god into this and painting islam as religion of violence.politicians,if ur sincere i salute u for efforts to mantain racial harmony,but if ur not i'd rather u to prostitute urself then to peddle god for a living.shame on u..i maybe wrong on my views,i really do hope im wrong...but look at the daily headlines to come and you be the judge..(shah delete this if u this its too spicy,k?)

  4. Somehow I had a bad feeling this would happen. With one incident, a 'chain effect' would occur and those even less brighter people who would never have thought about setting fire on places of worship would be given the idea. HOPEFULLY, its the same jokers who did the first three churches. This would mean that the stupidity is not contagious... its merely migrating.