"Why I Like it Longer" LG BL40 Chocolate Phone

Ah yes, MoaTTD's first advertorial post which truly is way overdue. This review would be in conjunction with Nuffnang's "Why I like it Longer" competition. Didn't know what my chances are but hey, its worth a shot...

Ever since iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry by introducing their very own touch screen phone, many have tried to compete with the same market by coming up with their own version of "touch-screen phones" to compete with the dominance of iPhone in the market. Truth be told whenever you have something new, revolutionary or even an enhancement in mobile phones, it won't be long before someone out there would compete with the SAME technology, making it obsolete. I remember:

When phones did not have an attached battery and needed 10 hours to charge

Ah yes, that was when I got my first phone. It could only call, sms's took 2 minutes to complete (i was bored that time, so i timed myself...), it only had "Snake" for games and it was big as hell. Took 7 hours to charge the phone and it was so heavy that if you throw it to a mad dog, it would die... But during that time it was the "in thing" back then, seeing that my other means of communication was the "hacking" the public phone. Then again, every phone based their technology on this that even the "mobile phone waterbottle" had the same shape as this phone, maybe even lighter...

When phones did not have antennas on them anymore

Having this back in 1999 was the in thing back then. No more "ring-ring" ringtones for you, the screen was animated, the phone memory could hold up to 40 (thats right... FORTY!) phone numbers at once and most importantly, you could even compose your own ringtone with the program that they have in the phone (I remembered everybody had DJ Darude's Sandstorm as a ringtone back then...). Life was good but similarly, every phone got rid of the pesky antenna in the end which also ended the mishap of things poking into your "you know what" while you are sitting and the phone is in your pocket...

Of course the list could go on and on but coming back, we then have this "touch screen" technology today and every company has been trying to compete with Apple to beat the dominance of iPhone in the market but the problem was, no one could compete with the updates that Apple was putting out for iPhone. However, we have seen valid contenders, the Blackberry Storm, Samsung's Tocco, Nokia's N97, and of course Dopod/HTC's line of phones. All these phone pack a mean punch against the iPhone and thus earning the nickname, "The iPhone Killers"

iPhone Killers?

And now, we add one more to the list, with the introduction of the LG Chocolate BL40...
This little bad boy has every aspect of making up as a contender in the market. Boasting a larger and wider screen that makes multi touch handling and more importantly for geeks like me, movie viewing and web surfing better, this phones makes up for a lot with the slender size of the phone itself. It's sleek, long, and "sexier" look gives in a definite hit among the ladies.

Set aside the promotional explanation of the phone, truthfully this phone might be able to stand toe-to-toe to the ever dominant iPhone, which honestly is music to my ears as I am starting to get sick of every Tom, Dick, Harry, Ali, Ah Chan and Appu having an iPhone nowadays. Its time for a change people and this might be it!
Plus I would honestly feel that finally they have come up with a touch screen phone that primarily suits the ladies' taste on style and practicality. Therefore beckons the question

Why I Like it Longer?
well quite honestly, that's what she ALWAYS tell me... :)

don't think so?

told ya...


  1. good luck!
    gimme da phone when u win

  2. obviously you know who gets first priority using the phone.

    permaisuri diraja gets to use it first...

  3. akak. rasanya tajuk kena ubah
    blh edit lg tajuk tu

    wajib letak WHY I LIKE IT LONGER
    cuba baca reply komen di nuffnang

  4. duly noted... dah hantar kat nuff edited version untuk post ni

    I owe you one capt... big time

  5. he calls u 'AKAK'!
    good luck btw, the permaisuri diraja would so love a touch screen phone. =D