Be a Man, Do the Right Thing

I have to admit that I have stumbled into my first "writer's block" for this blog and quite frankly I am struggling with the materials to write for this post. Thankfully, I do have some help from my regular contributors, and also a new contributor who chooses to remain anonymous on this matter and hopefully, will get more response from others from comments.

I was hanging out with the guys the other day for some much needed "Bro's Talk" (quite frankly been around the girls a little too much... not that I am complaining but sometimes, need a testosterone boost every now and then) and we manage to come up with something interesting.

Have you ever wondered how the existence of men, who managed to skim their way out of their responsibilities within a relationship and in the end, makes a bad name for actual decent men that really do exist?

The reason why I came up with this subject is also in concurrent with what I was talking with the girls, where they are convinced that there are no decent men around town that is available. Truthfully, I don't really blame them. Too many times we hear about married men leaving their wives and children for someone younger. Too many times we hear about men who give their partners false promises, only to break them at a situation where the woman can never turn back. Too many times that we hear about men getting themselves out of a relationship, simply because they feel that the pressure and responsibility is too much without even considering the dependency that he is leaving behind

Please consider that I am not of these two things. Firstly, I am not going against my own kind, and certainly I am not saying that I am perfect. Quite frankly the reason why I had this thought in the first place is simply because I too have made mistakes in the past, and I am pleased to know that I have learnt much out of it. What I am trying to highlight is that why are they men out there, in large numbers, would not even have the courage to hold the responsibilities of being a "Man"?

As I was talking to the guys on this, what creates this problem? Is it because that the knowledge of the "alpha male" supersedes everything else and in the end justifies them for leaving? Is it because that in every religion, teaches us that the male would be the leader of the pact, which some may WRONGFULLY interpret it that they can never do anything wrong? Sometimes, it all boils down to one issue, that a man can forget their responsibilities of a man when they get comfortable in a relationship or a partnership, sometimes to some extend make them HONESTLY believe that what they are doing is right.

To this day, my greatest male role model will always be my father and that man taught me well in life. This is one man who overcame the odds of being a father, husband and most importantly a man in life, having to break racial barriers to be with a person that has almost NO similarity to him whatsoever but turns out to be perfect for him. Among everything he told me, I remembered one thing the most

"What differentiate between a decent man and the rest would be the chance to tell his children that he has been a good father and a husband, without having to lie"

Of course that one should also take one issue into consideration. A wise friend once told me that it all boils down to luck, whether or not the girl finds a guy that is decent and would not be a coward who skims out of his responsibilities the minute he has to hold one. Therefore, it is really unfair for girls to immediately judge a man from the "male stereotypes" at first glance. It then ruins the reputation of a man that actually is decent and is willing to actually push forth for a relationship that he is in.

In the end of the day, there are men out there that are decent and would not even change through time. It is just those who choose to become pricks and *ssh*les that in the end of the day ruins the reputation of those who really do care. One of the things that I was taught in my life that we are given the right to lead, be it society, families or even relationship is because that we have the ability to handle any responsibilities that are thrown at us, no matter how hard it might be. Of course for the female readers out there, I do implore that decent men do exist, it is just the matter of singling them out of the pool of others who refuses to be a man and do the right thing... :)


  1. Advice to ladies:
    If you are looking for a decent man, look for a monk. its only unfortunate that they are not interested in girls. Then again, they are decent.


  2. how would u know monks are definitely decent? are u a monk urself? but then again, u leave stupid comments like these on ppl's blog...not a very decent thing to do.