When the World Revolves Around You

Its 3.40 am and I am up blogging about this... should have done this a while ago...

Had my usual teh tarik session with a usual contributor to the ideas in this blog, Megat, and triggered a deep discussion on this topic. Recent events may have contributed about me thinking on this issue, a very close friend of mine from school was tragically involved in an accident. He died at the tender age 26. Also, the idea of having my Malay College 10 year Reunion which is going to be next year contributed to the thoughts of this topic.

As I was discussing with Megat about our upcoming reunion, memories start to wonder circa 9 years ago, where our 17 year old selves would discuss what are we going to be like as 27 year olds, coming back for our 10 year anniversary. Naturally, we all would see ourselves being successful career men, among other things. I was no different that the rest, even going as far as being engaged or even starting my own family.

But today, things didn't really turn up the way I expected it to happen let alone on how things are going to be like at the reunion ceremony itself. So, we discussed one major issue,

As the world revolves around you and you don't, how do you react to it?

At the age of 26, I now face a lot of scary things ahead of me. I haven't even started my career. People around me are either married or going to get married. I've already been a best man once and obviously, "that dreaded question" has already been thrown at me by several relatives. Somehow, I can't help but wander that maybe others are evolving and changing around you while you remain stagnant or even taking a slow pace at doing the same thing.

So, one way of reacting to this would be my initial reaction. I let my mind dwell on the issue thoroughly and think about the number of years that went by my life and wonder where have all those years have gone. Of course I would do something about it but I would not stop reminding myself how much time has passed and getting only halfway of what you expect to reach at this age. Depressing yet gives yourself a dose of self realization.

And then there is a concept which Megat introduced. In the end of day, are you thankful that you are given the opportunity to at least be half way to your goal rather than less or even none at all? Compare yourself with others that you know, be it friends or even family. Some of them are not even anywhere near to what you have accomplished and some, unfortunately, are not even given a chance to achieve any of what you are achieve. The issue here is not about what you could have achieved but rather focusing on what a person has already accomplished

I suppose it reminds me of a saying that my late grandmother once said, a character of a man does not lie on his success or his ability to achieve but rather how fast does he dust himself up the minute he fails.

I am 26 years old and regardless what they say about me, I am thankful and I will continue to fight on...


  1. Hey man, trust me... everyone goes through that "stagnant" feeling once in a while. But point is, after you sit down and clear ur head for a bit, u'll realise that u are still making much more progress compared to a lot of ppl. Don't let time or age dictate what you should have already achieved, so long as u achieve it in the end. And I know u will rise to great heights! And when u do, u owe me an expensive meal. Ahem.

  2. oh u've inspired me. Maybe, I should write a post to myself when I'm 30 or something. or maybe when I'm 26. XD