Another Gym Attempt: Body Express Fitness Club

After many months of being away from the gym, I've decided to take another swipe at training and working out, considering that I've now been reduced to huffing and puffing merely chasing my fat, lazy Persian cats into their cage at night (also after several comments made by people to my ever expanding size..). So, with my search for a new gym to go to, I found out several things:

1. The number of community gyms (aka "Ghetto Gyms") are diminishing by the minute, especially in those areas which has a lot of commercial gyms (ie. Subang and PJ).

2. Commercial gyms have now taken over most of the fitness market in town and have jacked up the price.

3. Most "hardcore gym-ers" have now joined commercial gyms as they don't really have much choice anymore.

So, decided to check out some of the gyms around town. Among the search, I came across a newly opened gym

Located at Subang Avenue Shopping Complex (new building next to Carrefour Subang), I found out that this place is relatively new, which means that not many people joined the place just yet. For those out there who actually go to gym (shame on those who don't), you would understand that you would hate having to face:

1. Waiting in line to use an equipment, ESPECIALLY barbell weights and the Smith Machine
2. Crowded gyms
3. People who spend more time talking in between reps rather than working out

So, obviously choice of gym would usually revolve around the number of people actually signing up for the gym rather than going for the popular ones. Spend a couple of visits at the gym, thoroughly looking through the gym itself. One thing I realize though, they are awfully secretive about their programs, rate and training scheme until to the point that they would not even allow me to take out the program book that they have from the gym itself...

So, I had to find out more about the gym and what better way to do so by JOINING THE GYM ITSELF!

comes with a nifty card....

...and of course complimentary gym bag!

Some things I can tell about the difference that this place has from other places on first glance is that they really do concentrate on cardio and fitness training, especially in their workout programs. Comes to no surprise, seeing that the owner himself used to be an Iron Man competitor, as well as one of the fitness trainers in Celebrity Fitness Subang Parade, most of their workouts would focus more on endurance training rather than general training

Some new equipment are also introduced in their place, including Kettle Bell weights

Sledgehammer and Tire workout (this is one I'm looking forward to. Nothing beats stress than taking a uber-large sledgehammer and going absolutely-bananas over a tire)

Some others are also new in this gym but I was refrained from taking pictures. I'll make it my mission for me to get them on my next visit, just for those out there looking for a new gym to go!

p/s: New Years resolution is coming up guys... just a hint.


  1. =)
    looking good!
    cant wait for the results.

  2. haha! and suwen is so totally gonna get horny like 24/7 once u get those muscles

    ok, so new year's resolution is to ensure u at least grow 1 pack! it will loo fugly at first but oh well, 5 more to go in one year

  4. wait wait i just remembered.... AH DAAAM!! HAR HAR HAR!