About the Drinker

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on".
- John F. Kennedy -

For years I've been spending time, hanging out at mamak stalls with the buddies and dudes and at most of times, we'll get ourselves into heated conversations, discussions or even "nonsense talks" about everything under the sun. Most of the time, I myself would dismiss these ideas as pure borak kosong, thoughts and discussions which no one would ever take seriously.

But what about those ideas that are actually good? Are those ideas forgotten together with those that are mere chit chat talk?

So I figured one day, what if there would be someway that at least, all these ideas would be written down, so that, at the very least, none of these ideas would ever be forgotten?

Which brings in my idea of having a blog, that offers all those Teh Tarik Drinkers out there to bring comment, contribute or even argue on ideas which I myself talk about with the guys, while I sit with my glass of Teh Tarik and scream and shout watching Manchester United play on a Saturday night...

To those who know me, I look forward to more ideas and discussion for me to contribute to this blog and for those otherwise, don't be a stranger and say hello. Better yet, buy me a cup of teh tarik and lets have a chat... :)